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4 Ways Lauren Diagle Has Taken the Music World by Storm


Lauren Diagle has taken the contemporary Christian music world by storm. We delight in seeing her share the love of Christ to a national audience.


Lauren Diagle is powerfully impacting the contemporary Christian world. We haven’t seen a Christian musician achieve such impressive success in ages. Her songs are deeply spiritual, and huge crowds are taking notice. Here at LightWorkers, we love listening to her albums on repeat and we wanted to just take a moment to gush over why we are so excited to see her shine.

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Her music brings up deeper into worship

Her incredible voice and thoughtful lyrics remind the listener of God’s unending glory. Her recent smash hit You Say reminds us in a melodic and poetic way that God is fiercely committed to His children. How Can It Be was her first hit single. The song beautifully points those who hear it towards the forgiveness and freedom that Christ offers.

She is bringing her music to the masses

We love seeing her success within the Contemporary Christian genre, earning Grammy nominations and winning Dove Awards, American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards in the Christian categories. However, we were blown away when the national secular media began to take notice of her gifts and started to give her incredible opportunities to share her music with the masses.

Her national appearances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Good Morning America left us speechless. She also contributed songs to huge blockbuster films like Blade Runner 2049 and The Shack. She is becoming a household name, but all while remaining deeply committed to her faith as the spotlight shines brightly.

She has overcome trials and inspires us to do the same

Lauren has been very open about how an immune deficiency called Cytomegalovirus impacted her when she were diagnosed with it at the age of 15. Although this diagnosis was challenging physically, keeping her homebound for two years, she inspires us with the ways she still managed to find hope within this.

Your incredible voice and thoughtful lyrics remind the listener of God’s unending glory.

In an interview with, we were so moved by her insights into this trial. “It was in that season that God started to show me His character. He started teaching me who He was and started showing me the plans that He had for me. He would give me dreams of tour buses and I would say, ‘God, what is that? Why do you keep showing me all this?’ And He was just laying out the blueprints for what I was going to be doing. He called me out of school, and I really think He used that season to just show me what was in store to get my heart prepared and to get my focus set on Him. That season of solitude—of learning who God was and what He wanted me to do to serve in His kingdom—was the most important milestone.”

She gives back

We love the way that she uses her influence for charitable endeavors. She is fast to encourage her 1 million Instagram followers to pray for people who may be suffering when tragedy strikes; from the bombing in Brussels to flooding in Louisiana, she shows her support for these communities and encourages her fans to do the same.

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We also love her on-going commitment to support children who are facing medical trials. From supporting Cure International’s life-saving pediatric surgeries to raising awareness of the work of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, she embodies the love of Christ in her passion to see healing come to children facing illnesses.