‘I Can’t Do This Without the Lord’: Lauren Daigle Scoops yet Another Major Award


Lauren Daigle has won an AMA award for the fourth consecutive year and took to Twitter to thank the fans who have made it all possible.

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Will Maule

Christian recording artist Lauren Daigle has bagged yet another accolade, winning the American Music Award (AMA) in the “Favourite Artist—Contemporary Inspirational” category.

Winning the award for the fourth consecutive year, the You Say singer took to Twitter to thank the fans who have made it all possible.

“Thanks to everyone who voted for the @amas! This year continues to be incredibly special and it is all because of YOU!!” Daigle, who wasn’t in attendance at the award ceremony, tweeted November 25.

Other nominees up for the award included for King and Country and MercyMe.

A committed follower of Jesus who has found huge success in the secular industry, Daigle recently addressed some questions about the direction her music will take moving forward.

“Someone asked me, they said, ‘Hey, now that you’re mainstream, are you going to change your content?’ I said, ‘If I changed the content that would change who I was in order to meet a format, and the format (audience) that is actually receiving this,” she told the Christian Post last month. “Why would I change? It would make me inauthentic.’”

This year alone, Daigle has won six GMA Dove awards, three Billboard awards and two Grammy’s.

Aside from meteoric commercial success, Daigle has also become known for her powerful live shows, mixing her songs with moments of spontaneous worship:

The vocalist also hosts Q & A sessions at her shows and talks candidly about faith and life. After a recent show in Madrid, Lauren spoke openly about the challenge to stay humble in an industry that idolizes the praise of fans.

“I know that I can’t do this without the Lord, that’s the bottom line,” Daigle said of her career as a touring musician. “It can be lonely and tiring… I remember a pastor once told me ‘if you receive the praise of man, you will receive the criticism of man. Because you open your heart up for it.”

“If you welcome that applause as something that fills you up, the second the applause ends, you will feel empty and depleted.”

Daigle’s followers praised her for her honesty. “With as successful as you are, to keep yourself humble is quite the accomplishment,” read one comment on Instagram. “I wonder how many established performers saw this and were astonished at your wisdom. Love you bunches!!”