CHILLS: Lauren Daigle’s Sold out Crowd Joins Her for Beautiful Spontaneous Moment of Worship


At her recent sold-out concert n Vancouver, Lauren Daigle stopped her show and pre-planned setlist for a powerful moment of impromptu worship.

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Will Maule

“We’re gonna change things a little bit,” Lauren Daigle announced to the crowd during a show in Vancouver on Sunday.

The You Say singer, was diverging from her planned setlist to worship, asking the crowd if they knew the popular hymn, I Exalt Thee, before breaking into a beautiful, harmony-riddled version of the track.

Daigle, known for writing music that is heavily influenced by her Christian faith, had no trouble getting her fans to sing along. The sell-out crowd began belting out the lyrics, “I exalt thee, O’ Lord,” over and over again.

You can see the awesome moment in a video posted to Daigle’s Instagram page, with the caption, “Spontaneous Worship Moment in Vancouver.”

As Daigle begins to get the crowd involved, her band steps in and an incredible few moments of worship break out. It’s hard not getting chills watching it all come together.

“Well, that wasn’t the plan,” Daigle jokes as the song comes to an end.

Many have been commenting on the post to show their appreciation for Daigle and boldness to leading the large crowd in worship.

“This is my favorite moment, when the Spirit moves in the room and the band just stops the concert to worship!” one person noted.

“One of my favorite worship songs of all time,” another added. “I can feel the spirit through the video. I can’t imagine the feel in the room.”

The Gospel Music Association has nominated Daigle for six Dove Awards ahead of the 2019 ceremony, due to take place in Nashville on October 15.