Kourtney Kardashian Talks to Pastors Chad and Julia Veach, Asks How to Share Her Faith with Her Children


Kourtney Kardashian chats with her pastors, Chad and Julia Veach. Faith, family and food are the conversations of the day.


On a super fun episode of Poosh Kourtney Kardashians’ lifestyle brand, we get to make a yummy dinner and hear from Pastors Chad and Julia Veach. Chad and Julia are pastors of Zoe Church right in the heart of Los Angeles. Tune into this table talk conversation about faith and family.

Kourtney opens up with an important question “How do you teach your kids about religion and what we believe in? You don’t want to force your own beliefs on them but how do you…?” Such a pertinent question to parents that would like to introduce their children to faith. Kourtney recalls growing up and her dad reading her Bible stories and listening to Bible songs, and they would talk about it in the car as a family. Chad adds that it’s as simple as that, integrating your faith into your everyday lifestyle.

“All of that stuff … it stays in you,” Chad adds. “I think with our kids we are just trying to, even on the drive to school every morning as I’m getting ready to drop off my son I’m like ‘Alright, I’m going to pray over you and remember, you’re a leader in your school and people follow you and I’m going to pray that you are a light on your campus.”

Julia shares, “I think that with a lot of things like culture and our faith, it’s more caught than it is taught. So yeah we want to teach things but a lot of time the kids are [like] this is what they do, this is who we are.”

Chad encourages Kourtney (a mom of 3) with, “You invest in kids so much and just the fact that you want to teach them faith, they’ll learn faith. If you have great parents that love you and teach you faith, you’re set up for success!”

We love this candid talk about the faith and the pressures of parenting; we hope it encourages you as it did us. Kourtney recently started her own lifestyle brand Poosh named after a nickname for her daughter Penelope. Also if you would like the yummy Baked Salmon and Avocado Salad Kourtney made with the Veaches on this episode click here.