Intellect and Faith Don’t Have to Be Separate


Deepening our understanding of past historical events of the Bible will enrich our faith. Instead of shying away from facts, let God reveal Himself through academic study as well as through personal experience.

It’s important to dig into the intellectual aspects of the Bible, instead of shying away from this in lieu of walking by faith alone. It can be easy to veer away from this practice and rely on belief instead of knowledge. However, if we enter into this process with our devotion to God intact, and ask God to reveal Himself to us, I believe our faith experience can be enriched.

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The Bible says if we seek, we will find the answers to the questions that we may have. While this may seem like a daunting task at first, it can be extremely rewarding to trust God in His faithful promise to show us what we are looking for.

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An example of this kind of “seeking” is engaging with the Bible in a historical and academic way. A way to do this is by visiting places like The Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. The exhibits at the museum present the Bible in a historical lens, while also explaining the religious beliefs behind it. People can visit the museum and see many of the displays, while also getting to learn about the active biblical research and translation being done to this day. This further study and dissecting of the events in the Bible is beneficial and will only increase our understanding of the stories within it.

“Common sense” and faith are sometimes pitted against one another, but they shouldn’t be.

The museum has six levels with interactive videos, exhibits, and even a kid’s room for visitors to use. After exploring the museum, people are given the ability to draw their own conclusions about the truth of the Bible once they have been presented with the facts. The complex, professional videos explain much of the artifacts on display in the building by incorporating compelling hosts and visuals to describe the grand story of the Bible.

Taken on a tour throughout time from early America to modern day, museumgoers get an idea of what an impact the Bible has had on the formation of this country, as well as its effect on the literature and culture of the west in general.

Knowledge doesn’t have to be separate from a love of God. We can grow in our appreciation for His ability to move in our lives and reveal new things to us by understanding the intellectual side of Biblical study. We can fall in love with the Bible by pursuing information about the facts of it.

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“Common sense” and faith are sometimes pitted against one another, but they shouldn’t be. When we enrich our understanding of religion, it allows us to connect to others—and to our own belief—in an important way. Discussions happen best when we further education of our personal religion instead of being afraid to get to know the evidence.

At times, it is healthy to come at our faith from an outside perspective. If we do this while remembering the importance of maintaining a personal relationship with God over the voices of the world, then outside ideas will only deepen our connection with Him.