Kids Send Balloons to Dead Father in Heaven and Are Blown Away When ‘Dad’ Sends Real Gifts Back


When these kids send balloons to their father, Kyle Cass, in heaven, something incredible happens that restores the entire family's faith in humanity, once again.

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35-year-old father Kyle Cass died peacefully in 2018 at a hospice after battling brain cancer for three years.

The 35-year-old of Midland, Michigan father left behind his wife, Samantha, and young children, Kollin and Keagan, who wished to commemorate his memory on their first Father’s Day without him.

While Samantha captured the moment on film, Kollin and Keagan tied cards they had addressed to their dad to balloons and sent them up into the air to reach their father in heaven. What followed is nothing short of touching.

Days later, Samantha received a Facebook message from a woman in Ontario, Canada, over 500 miles away from Midland, saying that the balloons and cards landed on their porch. The couple were able to find out about Kyle, and reach Samantha, after some research.

“A complete stranger taking the time to reach out and offer support and condolences gives me hope for humanity,” Samantha said, according to a Happiness Heroes Facebook video.

The couple not only researched Kyle, but his family, and then made a plan to send presents from Daddy, not just for Kollin and Keagan, but Samantha, and even their dog, Buster. Anyone can see in watching the video how delighted these young children are to receive gifts from their dad, even after he’s gone to heaven.

Samantha said she and her children “were deeply touched” to receive the gifts, as well as the balloons returned to them so they would know that they had made it.

Kollin and Keagan aren’t the only ones to believe the gifts came from their dad. Samantha does too, in a way. “In a very difficult year for us, this kind gesture by a family we had never met gave my kids so much joy and I feel like Kyle picked this family for a reason.”