Kid Hilariously ‘Takes Us to Church’ Narrating Online Schooling in a Charismatic Preacher Voice


We can't get enough of young Ramone's hilarious charismatic preacher bit as he makes a very strong appeal to get out of his school work.

Khary Kimani Turner recently shared a video on Facebook of a young boy, seemingly her son, at a computer desk with a microphone, narrating his online schooling. The hilarious part? He does it in the style of a charismatic preacher.

With his mom slyly recording over her shoulder, the three-minute impromptu production by Ramone (spelling unknown) is guaranteed to induce some of that holy laughter we all love.

Photo source: Khary Kimani Turner/Facebook

Somehow Khary manages to keep a straight face and eventually tells Ramone, “I need you to stop putting stuff on God. God didn’t pause it.” But, of course, he just takes it to the next level singing:

“You know I don’t wanna do the work. You know I don’t wanna do the work. Cuz God is doin’ the work in me. How am I supposed to be doin’ the work when he’s workin’ in me? I need to rest so he has a stable foundation to upgrade on. When I’m movin’ how am I going to get upgrades? When a car is getting upgraded it’s in a garage and it’s standing still. When a superhero is being upgraded, it’s in a garage and it’s standing still. IIIIIIIIII need to be still…”

Photo source: Khary Kimani Turner/Facebook

At that point, a male voice from off-screen chimes in on the action, provoking Ramone to, “Tell ’em about the oil!”

Ramone’s continued antics are just too good! His preacher bit, which includes perfect vocal inflections and even the timely banging of the mic on the table, is spot on. Even the content he riffs off of when he starts “preaching” are humorously accurate. Eventually, His mom can be heard giggling at all the drama as Ramone effortlessly continues the bit.

Watch the full scene here:

Funniest thing I’ve seen in months.

Posted by Khary Kimani Turner on Wednesday, May 20, 2020