A Kid-Friendly Playlist That Even Parents Will Enjoy


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Do you feel like you’re constantly in the car? It’s probably because, as parents, we often are! Perhaps you’re driving the kids to and from soccer practice, recitals or horseback riding lessons—or maybe it’s the daily commute to and from school that is getting monotonous. “Turn on the music!” your kids might eagerly request. And while the usual kid tunes are great in appropriate doses, sometimes parents (quite desperately) just can’t listen to one more Sesame Street sing-a-long. Don’t despair, taxi-driving parent! There are songs you can play in the car that are both kiddo appropriate and parent-proof. 

Spotify Playlist for Kids

Photo by Sopone/

We’re here to help. This playlist is sure to keep all members of your family engaged, even during long car rides to and from school and extracurricular activities! Parents, we promise that this isn’t just a playlist for the kids, there are songs in here for you, too!

It’s true—who wouldn’t want to jam to Cyndi Lauper, The Lumineers or Phil Collins in the car? Not only will your kids love these family friendly songs, but just think of the musical education they’re getting. That’s right, your kid will be the cool kid who knows every lyric from “Yellow Submarine.”

So next time you get into the car, make sure you have this playlist ready to go! You and your family will have a blast driving around town.