‘Don’t Call Me Secular’: Kanye West Speaks on One Year Anniversary of Sunday Service


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Will Maule

Rapper Kanye West has held a special event to mark the one-year anniversary of his “Sunday Service” worship gatherings.

The acclaimed artist held the service at a homeless shelter in the notorious “Skid Row” area of Los Angeles.

“A lot of times people say, ‘Thank you Ye for Sunday Service.’ I’m saying thank God. This thing saved my life,” West said during his message, according to NME.

West went on to reveal that Sunday Service had saved him from a number of vices. “This thing was an alternative to opioids. This thing was an alternative to pornography,” he said.

Speaking boldly, the rapper also expressed his frustration at being called a “secular” artist.

“Don’t call me secular,” he bellowed. “Because secular is trying to say that I’d do anything for anyone other than Christ. That’s where they got it twisted.”

The rapper, who released his landmark album, Jesus is King, at the end of October, also spoke about the homeless epidemic, vowing to find a “worldwide solution” to the problem and noting that he was “sitting down at a Christmas party talking to Elon Musk” about the issue just recently.

“This is what we need to be talking about,” he added.

“We had no idea we would be here on the 52nd week,” West said of his Sunday Service, which has been a roaring success and brought huge attention to his spiritual journey this year, and has even seen numerous people come to Christ through the event.

On Christmas Day, Kanye released his latest record, Jesus is Born. According to Billboard, the album is “a 19-track extension of what West and his band and choir have been playing at his Sunday Service sermons throughout the year.”

West is expected to release Jesus is King Part II sometime in the new year.