Justin Bieber Asks for Prayer: Talks Depression, Hope, Healing


Justin Bieber asked for prayer on social media this week powerfully sharing on hope, healing, prayer, struggles and humanity.


Justin Bieber opens up to his fans and the world, with a call to prayer. Bieber, just like a lot of the world, has his struggles as well. In his post, Justin is seen praying with his manager Scooter Braun and Hip Hop rapper Kanye West. Like Bieber, we must know that prayer is powerful and it changes things.

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It is a delicate balance; Justin has been receiving treatment for depression since February. We applaud his honesty and humanity since 18% of the population struggles with this as well. Anxiety, depression and mental illness affect 40 million adults in the US  every year. Justin is not alone, and that fact that he chooses to put his faith in God during these times is remarkable.

Justin opened up to Vogue magazine recently about his past struggles with substance abuse and the turmoil that being in the music industry had left him in. Justin has been using his platform lately to share the love of Christ and encourage other believers, by being brutally honest about his circumstances. Justin has great mentors alongside him like Pastors Judah Smith, Carl Lentz and Chad Veach to support him during this time.

Justin shared on his Instagram about his humanity and hope, “Just wanted to keep you guys updated a little bit hopefully what I’m going through will resonate with you guys. Been struggling a lot. Just feeling super disconnected and weird.. I always bounce back so I’m not worried just wanted to reach out and ask for your guys to pray for me. God is faithful and ur prayers really work thanks .. the most human season I’ve ever been in facing my stuff head on..”

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Justin married Hailey Baldwin last year, both Justin and Hailey have strong Christian roots and pastoral mentors from their parents and pastors at Hillsong Church,  Zoe Church and Church Home. We are praying for Justin and always believe in him. He’s a prime example of how sometimes it’s ok not to be okay. God doesn’t judge us, He loves us and heals us right where we are.