Why Your Words Are More Powerful Than You Think


For this week's Take Me to Church, Joyce Meyer reminds us that, "words are full of power. We need to choose them carefully." Watch Joyce explain below.

Too often we speak our mind or heart without a second thought to their ramifications on others, or even ourselves. Joyce Meyer gives a powerful reminder on the power of our words.

Joyce Meyer says, “Words are full of power. They can heal. They can wound. They can minister death. They can minister life.”

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“They can encourage. They can discourage. They can build up. They can tear down.”

She powerfully continues, “People get divorces over words. Families are split apart over words. People lose jobs over words.”

“People have insecurity and poor self-image over words that have been spoken to them. Words are containers for power, and we need to choose our words very carefully.”

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Joyce Meyer finishes by saying, “And it’s time for us to step up to the plate and be accountable for the words that we allow to come out of our mouth.”

It’s a choice. What will you use your words to do today? This week? This Year? Over your lifetime?