Jonas Brothers Reveal How They Were Bullied as Kids, Share Powerful Message


The Jonas Brothers win the "decade award" at the Teen Choice Awards and address their bullies.


The Jonas Brothers have had quite a comeback in pop culture. After a long hiatus where the band almost broke up, America’s favorite brothers decided to reunite again. Finding new success with their album Happiness Begins the “JoBros” had a very personal message to share with their young fans at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards.

Eldest brother Kevin shared how he was bullied for his frosted-tipped hair style as a kid, “I started to hate to go to school, I started to hate my hair, I started to hate myself. And, at the same time, I went on my very first acting audition… and then they hired me because they liked my frosted tips.” What made Kevin different was what got him the job, and made him stand out in his industry.

Nick Jonas also shared about his experience, not with kid bullies but with adults. Nick said his teachers somehow created a nonsafe environment for him, “I was quite young, I was very excited, as we all get on our birthdays (and) my teachers yelled at me saying, ‘Stop drawing attention to yourself.’ I had enough self-doubt as it was, I didn’t need to be told how little I really was. But if I had stopped what I was doing … I wouldn’t be here today receiving this award.”

Nick continued his powerful message, talking directly to those now being bullied, “those things that you feel like you’re singled out about, you’re bullied about that define you in your teen years can become the thing that make you special: it’s your gift, it’s your power.” Joe Jonas agreed, adding “Embrace those things.”

It’s incredible to see the Jonas brothers giving back and encouraging the youth of America. We need positive role models in this age of bullying and cyberbullying, to stand up and speak out and give our kids their confidence back in the face of adversity.