Christian Comedian John Crist’s New Rap Song Is Just What the Church Needs


John Crist, 1KPhew, Nobigdyl and DJ Mykael V team up for a comedic Christian rap that surprisingly comes with a thought-provoking message.


John Crist is a Christian comedian with over 1 billion videos views. His skits on growing up in the church, and making fun of churchy antics, have us laughing every week. It makes sense that his next move would be: a rap song, of course! The feature is with rappers 1KPhew, Nobigdyl and DJ Mykael V. The beat is catchy and super hilarious. The song is about checking your heart when it comes to chasing fame, likes and status in this world.

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The song itself is calling out all the way Christians put on facades for others. Lyrics like:

Bible in a year, February I quit (I’m done). Flex on social media, for what? What’s the profit? Fifty thousand followers and likes with no comments. Check your heart, just be honest (Check it).

The song points out that our hearts are the root of our self-absorbed image problems. The encouragement is to get real, be honest before God and others with our struggles, taking off our masks.

On Crist’s website, he describes his upbringing where he finds his inspiration for his church jokes. “Shoot, I grew up in the deep south, my dad is a pastor and I was the third of eight homeschooled children. My first job was at Chick-fil-A. Coming from a background like that, how do you NOT write jokes?!” We love John’s lightheartedness that makes his viral videos on church life so popular. So to add a rap song to his repertoire is genius.

But do not be mistaken his humor comes from a deep love for the church. Crist says, “Man, I love the local church. Growing up serving at my dad’s church, I know the effect that a healthy, vibrant local church can have on the community. If I ever come across as critical, it’s because I love the church and I wish for so much more from it. I think the local church is our only hope for change in America, that said… we do some weird stuff :).”

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John keeps it light, but there is a method behind the madness. Like John, we should want more from the church. More honesty, transparency and accountability. Jesus was the most transparent leader we’ve known, modeling His walk as believers should be our goal. Crist keeps the laughs coming in his form of entertainment that points the world back to God.