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5 Standout Moments from NBC’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert’


Sunday night’s NBC production of “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert,” delivers a powerful punch and wows audiences. Here are 5 standout moments.

Live TV musicals can be a total hit or a total miss—but if there was a skeptic in the audience of Sunday night’s NBC production of “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert,” they are sure to have left as true believers.

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This production combined everything that works from both TV and live theater into a unique, successful hybrid of a show—we were brought up close and personal to the performers in the intimate, typical style of traditional live TV, but wowed with the unmistakable glamor and drama of a live, broadway show.

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From the sparkling costumes to breathtaking vocal performances, “Jesus Christ Superstar” wowed on every front. However, there were some standout moments that can’t go unmentioned:

1. John Legend’s performance in“Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)”

John Legend’s performance as Jesus Christ was nothing short of incredible. His strong vocal abilities combined with his calm and confident stage demeanor commanded the stage and wowed the audience.

His delivery of “Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)” was an especially memorable and impressive moment. This song, which is both emotionally and technically demanding, was a standout moment that proved he not only deserved this role, but that he brought his all to the performance.


2. Sara Bareilles' rendition of “Everything’s Alright”

With so much attention placed on John Legend as Jesus, Sara Bareilles’s involvement in the production seemed to be slightly overshadowed in the weeks leading up to the show. However, her moments onstage as Mary Magdalene brought beauty, peace and a sense of ease—particularly her opening performance of “Everything’s Alright.”

Even Legend’s famous wife, Chrissy Tegan, took to Twitter to acknowledge the purity of Sara’s performance saying “Sara’s voice is so pure. She makes singing seem so easy.”  

And we couldn’t agree more. Her soft yet strong, effortless interpretation of the famous “Everything’s Alright” brought a genuine, authenticity to the role never seen before.

3. Brandon Victor Dixon's stunning performance as Judas

Brandon Victor Dixon. There really are no words to describe his phenomenal performance as Judas—there’s just not one standout performance worth singling out because he fully captivated the audience and commanded attention each and every time he took the stage.

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With so much of “Jesus Christ Superstar” focused on Judas’ story, there are high expectations placed on the character to execute strongly. Dixon left everything on stage, delivering an unforgettable performance. To the delight of Twitter fans, he even threw up the “Wakanda Forever” salute from “Black Panther” during his curtain call.

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4. Alice Cooper as King Herod

It really seems that Alice Cooper was made for this role. When he took the stage to perform “King Herod’s Song,” the audience erupted with excitement, their enjoyment and appreciation for this rock icon obviously audible and truly heartfelt. 

5. The Crucifixion Scene

Amidst all the glitter, drama and generous liberties to the biblical storyline, it can be easy to simply forget the gravity and seriousness of the storyline unfolding on stage. But in the final moments of the musical, as Jesus is revealed on the cross, high above the cast and audience, sudden heartbreat hits you in the gut.

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It’s beautiful, heartbreaking and breathtaking to see the genius design of the set slowly move to reveal a cross backlit with light, mirroring the cross that Christ is dying on. It’s in that moment that the glamor and lavishness of the musical fades, leaving nothing but the image of a savior dying for the sins of the world, beaten and bruised yet willing, majestic and gentle.

Yes, even in “Jesus Christ Superstar,” the true reverence of the Passion story delivers, as it will continue to deliver forever, no matter the setting, time or place. 

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