Jesus Appears to Group of 72 Christians About to Be Slaughtered by Boko Harem, Intervenes, Saving Them


A miraculous story of life-saving intervention is breaking from Northern Nigeria. A group accounts of divine intervention as Jesus appears to 72 Nigerian Christian converts just as they await execution from the radical Boko Harem.

A miraculous story of life-saving intervention is breaking from Northern Nigeria. According to Barnabas Aid, a group of 500 Nigerian Christians who converted from Islam gathered. The terrorist group Boko Harem descended and captured 76 members of the group as converts from Islam were highly targeted in their attacks. The group included men, women and children.

Four of the male leaders of the Christian group were killed after refusing to deny their faith in Christ. The widows of the men were approached with the same question. Before making their decision the children came and announced Jesus had appeared to them, assuring they would be OK according to Breaking News Christian.

Not long after the group accounts Jesus appeared again to the entire group of 72 telling them not to fear as He would protect them. He urged them to remain confident in His strength and not to renounce their faith.

The widows now with fresh confidence told Boko Harem they would not renounce Christ. As they prepared to shoot the children the Boko Harem suddenly broke into screams exclaiming “snakes!” as they fleed the scene. Some of the men appeared to die instantly.

According to Barnabas Fund, all 72 of the group survived the experience. They now live in other regions of Nigeria deemed safe for Christians to live. The local Pastor credits Jesus’ appearance to the group to the fact that these people knew no other Biblical text to visit. They are all illiterate and thus no access to scripture so Jesus provided it Himself.