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It’s Time to Celebrate, LightWorkers Is Turning One!


We turn one this month and would love it if you joined us in celebrating a year of bold, uplifting, unifying, light spreading content that speaks perpetually of Christ's goodness.

That’s right, we’re celebrating our first birthday all month long! After all, it’s the month of love, and what greater love is there than the unifying, uplifting, hope-giving love of Christ?

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So, join us as we ring in our first birthday milestone by revisiting some of the content that spoke to you, our amazing community, most. Throughout the month of February, we will be resharing some of our most engaged with content to date! So, stay tuned daily to see what oldies but goodies we have in store for you. But don’t worry, the fun begins now with a small taster of your (and our!) favorites below.

1. Our Most Popular Video Series, 37 Seconds of Goodnews

Dementia LightWorkers Grandma Dance Dementia 37 Seconds of Good News

Even though there’s craziness in the world, there are always organizations and individuals doing extraordinary things and trying to make a difference. This series gives good news a prominent platform to brighten people’s days and inspire them to share the good. From 101-year-old skydiving grandpas to community refrigerators designed to eliminate food waste while feeding the hungry, we guarantee that this series will bring hope to your feed and a smile to your face.

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2. The Bible Series Podcast

Playing Jesus LightWorkers Bible Series


The television miniseries, “The Bible,” and film “Son of God” produced and brought to life by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, touched the hearts of millions to a degree not yet seen before the show’s debut. The vision shared by Downey and Burnett for this important project was a desire to impact a new generation with the power of the biblical narrative through, “The Bible” and “Son of God.”

Viewed by over 100 million people in the United States alone, “The Bible” wowed us with breathtaking beauty and cutting-edge technology that cinematically conveyed the stories many have grown up seeing only as words on the page.

But it doesn’t stop there. These stories have transformed once again with the series you love now repurposed into a new, versatile platform: podcasts. With limitless mobility, amazingly powerful narration from Roma Downey, and captivating scoring composed by Hans Zimmer, this podcast provides another opportunity to engage with the most impactful book on humankind arises—this time through your car stereo, on your morning jog or wherever you find yourself with a mobile device and headphones.

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3. 7 Biblical Promises to Heal a Broken Heart

LightWorkers 7 Biblical Promises to Heal a Broken Heart.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used By Permission.

Heartbreak has a predictable way of driving us to search for reassurance in the most unlikely of places. When pain is fresh, we look for hope more urgently. Regardless of your situation or your relationship with a loving God, His thoughts towards us are kind, and His words to us are comforting and full of redemption.

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4. Did You Know You Can Volunteer to Cuddle Babies?

Did You Know You Can Volunteer to Cuddle Babies? Golden Rule LightWorkers

When babies are born premature, parents can’t always be there to hold them. Thanks to these special volunteers, there’s always enough cuddle love to go around.

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5. ‘God’s Not Done with You Yet’: Widow Shares Her Family’s Journey from Grief to Joy


Much like the Bethel testimony above, after facing grief, this 25-year-old widow came to discover that God still had a wonderful plan for her life.

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6. Roma Downey: A Personal Story on the Importance of Sharing Our God-Given Gifts with the World

LightWorkers Roma Downey Box of Butterflies Good Room

Roma Downey shares the first of a collection of touching, personal stories from her life. The story of “The Good Room” teaches us the importance of sharing our gifts with the world and embracing each and every moment.

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7. 5 Surprising Scientific Reasons to Attend Church

Attend Church LightWorkers 5 Surprising Reasons to Attend Church Friends.

Photo by Eugenio Marongiu/

While church offers obvious spiritual benefits, did you know that studies have found it’s good for your physical and mental health too? Here are a few reasons why.

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8. What Heaven Is Really Going to Be Like, and ‘Basic’ Isn’t It

What Heaven Is Really Going to Be Like, and 'Basic' Isn't It

Image courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used By Permission.

We grossly underestimate who God is when we assume heaven will be boring or “basic.” Here’s what heaven is really going to be like.

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9. Finding Gratefulness in the Heartbreak of Losing a Pet


Photo by Reilly Anspaugh

There is nothing quite like losing a pet—A faithful friend warming an often cold world. This is for those who have loved and lost.

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10. 6 Adoption Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

LightWorkers 6 Adoption Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask.

Photo by Alena Vostrikova/

Adoption can be a daunting process, and it can be hard to gather all the facts about the process. Here are the answers adoption questions you may be afraid to ask.

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