What’s Really Inside the Museum of the Bible?


Join us as we take a peek inside the newly opened and vastly innovative Museum of the Bible.
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The highly anticipated Museum of the Bible officially opened its doors to the public on Friday, offering a fascinating lens into the formative details behind history’s most sold, bought, burned and revered book.

Celebrities and well-known faith leaders coalesced in Washington, D.C., for the massive museum’s grand opening, with actress Roma Downey and her husband, famed TV producer Mark Burnett, among others, taking part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

So, now that it’s open to the public, you might be wondering what’s actually inside the museum.

As you likely know, there have been critiques that the exhibits are light on “Jesus” content, though the general tone of the exhibits is set on explaining the historical narrative surrounding how the Bible came into existence—and, in turn, how the book has impacted culture.

Museum of the Bible

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Hobby Lobby president Steve Green, whose family has funded the effort and has been the primary source behind pushing for the museum’s formation and opening, recently affirmed the stated goal of the museum.

“The museum has fence posts—limits. It doesn’t overtly say the Bible is good—that the Bible is true,” he said. “That’s not its role. Its role is to present facts and let people make their own decisions.”

Thus, the museum is filled with Bibles translations, artifacts and historical narratives, as Faithwire experienced first-hand during a special preview of the exhibition halls last Friday night.

A scene presented inside the Museum of the Bible that shows what life in Nazareth was like. Photo by Faithwire.

There are pieces from the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Vatican Museums and Vatican Library, among other short-term displays, shows and works of art.

“The Museum Collections include artifacts and objects from a range of cultures and time periods, from the Ancient Near East to the modern period,” the museum’s website reads. “The permanent collection focuses on biblical items, manuscripts, printed Bibles and books and art. These collections allow the Museum of the Bible to convey the global impact and compelling history of the Bible in a unique and powerful way.”

Museum of the Bible

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One of the more intriguing areas of the museum is the “Impact Floor,” which takes museum visitors into the everyday impact that the holy book has had on society and culture. Check out a preview below:

As you can tell, there’s plenty to see. Find out more about the Museum of the Bible here.