Husky Gets Lost in Woods, Adorably Caught on Camera Making Friends with a Wild Deer


An unlikely pair team up in the woods! A Husky and buck are caught on camera becoming fast friends.


Rachel Howatt’s husky “Koda” escaped from her home in Canada. After a few days, Koda came back home happy and healthy. But this did not set Rachel at ease.

Rachel says, “I unmistakably looked for her everywhere, but in the end, she just came back herself. She is very smart, so I did not doubt that she could find her way home.” Rachel knew her neighbors had trail cameras in the woods, and asked to see their tapes.

To her surprise, she noted that Koda was not alone, lost in the woods. Instead, he had made friends with a male deer! The two friends were caught on camera playing, eating and sleeping snug next to each other. Apparently, Koda did not miss out on any fun, with his unlikely new friend.

“It was quite something,” Rachel says. “Based on the time they spent on the frame, it looked like they spent over 12 hours together. There’s also another photo where there are two bucks in the picture with her.” Proving you can make friends anywhere! Koda was not alone, with his wild forest friends.