How to Survive the Holidays When You’re the Only Believer


Struggling with being the only Christian in your family around the holidays? Keep reading.


Here are some tips for surviving the holiday season as a believer amongst your family that perhaps doesn’t believe in Jesus yet. It can be a hard road, but one that God never fails to accompany you in.

Here are some helpful tips in surviving the holidays when you’re the only believer:

1. Know that there is a great reward for following Christ, even if it’s alone.

I became a Christian at 17 and remained the only born again Christian for many years in my family. My family was culturally Catholic and did not believe in attending church on Sundays. I would often get made fun of and called a nun because of my close relationship with God. The holidays were especially hard because I would attend church by myself to honor God.

I missed my family and wanted them to be there, but it was a road God had me walk alone. Going into my 13th year of becoming a believer, I can look back at the trajectory of my Christian life, and see how faithful God was. God didn’t promise a perfect life, often the road to following Christ is filled with loneliness and feeling like an outcast, but know you are never alone. Even Jesus felt isolated and outcast. Remember that you stand in good company.

2. Never pressure your family into something they are not ready for.

There are tremendous power and testimony in loving people right where they are at. As a new zealous Christian, I would evangelize to my family at sometimes not the right moments. Moments where they were not ready to receive the love of Jesus yet. Waiting for the perfect God moments, praying for those moments and being patient with those who do not know the Lord as deeply as you do is key.

Be a friend first, is my best advice with family members. I will say it again, “be a friend first.” This might be the best witness you can give all holiday long.

3. Prayer, prayer and more prayer.

Pray for your family. Pray for yourself in this season. Maybe you grew up culturally Muslim, and have just come to Christ. Feeling rejected by your own family is a tough situation, but Christ never rejects you but accepts you as His own. Always look up to the maker of Heaven and Earth for the peace and comfort you need during this season.

Many of my family members years later now follow Jesus wholeheartedly. I can’t help but think that all the many years of prayers as the only Christian in my family had something to do with it! Never give up hope, God is in the business of doing miracles, and He has special ones in store for you this season.