How to Recognize Your Calling in the Church


Struggling to determine your calling within the church body? Here are a few helpful ways to lead you in discovering what God is calling you to.


It’s rather common for believers to wonder about God’s calling for their lives, especially in the church setting. After all, not everyone immediately recognizes how they should serve Christ’s cause, and that’s okay! Sometimes, recognizing your call requires a bit of time and work (in the spiritual sense).

What area of ministry should I pursue?
Where should I serve?
Is this meant for me?

Those questions may have come to your mind a time or two, but instead of deeming yourself a failure for not knowing the answer, take comfort in knowing that God will lead you to wisdom.

The truth is, all Christians are called to serve; however, God calls each person to serve in different capacities and in different roles. While your role may be unknown, there are many ways to recognize your calling in the church.

Ask God

This may seem a bit obvious but ask God for help regarding your role in the church. We often go to God with prayers requests and praise reports, not necessarily specific conversations about serving in the church. So, make a mental note to talk to the Man above about your calling in the church. Go to God and bring any confusion or unanswered questions to Him. Ask Him for clarity; ask Him to help you find the area of ministry that is right for you.


Before diving into a specific ministry, volunteer. Prior to committing to one particular role, volunteer to work on a project, event or task within various departments of your church. Take note of how each project makes you feel, what you contributed to each task and how you plan to elevate God’s mission through each type of service. When volunteering and taking note of your experience, you will better understand the type of ministry that’s best for you.

Assess and reflect

Determining your calling in the church requires more thought than choosing a pair of socks or figuring out what you will eat for dinner. After all, this is an important decision! Start with assessing the talents and abilities God gifted you and how you may use those gifts to serve the church. When you pour your passion and talents into a task, you effortlessly serve God with the spiritual gifts He wired for you and only you. So, assess your gifts and reflect on how those gifts can be used in better understanding your calling in ministry.

Look outside the church

Consider looking outside the church for your calling. Your ministry calling may be within the church as a choir leader or administrative assistant or perhaps your calling is in a different location such as a casual atmosphere. Regardless of location, whether a coffee shop, school, charity or youth center, you can spread His Word, serve His kingdom and fulfill your calling.

Do not feel overwhelmed or discouraged when seeking the area of ministry that’s right for you. Amid the unknown or confusion regarding your path of service, remember that He promised to never leave or forsake us (Hebrew 13:5). Take comfort in knowing that God has already called you for a specific purpose! Our goal is not to gain power or status but to be of great service to God and our neighbors. May we be faithful servants by trusting that Christ has called us to impactfully service Him and others.