How to Put Your Beliefs Into Practice in the Modern World


Jesus teaches us that our faith is illustrated through our love for those around us. So what does that look like? Let's look at the hints Jesus gave us.


The Christian life involves a set of beliefs, spiritual practices, worship and community. It is a way of thinking and believing. However, in the foundation of Jesus’ teachings, Christianity is not merely a belief in a certain theology. It is in fact, meant to be active.

Christianity is not just a belief system or a faith—it is a way of life. If you truly believe in the message of Jesus, the love that was demonstrated for you on the cross was done so for you to now demonstrate daily. This belief should guide your life. Ask yourself; do you treat each person you encounter with the knowledge of divine love? Matthew 25:40 writes, “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, so you do unto me.” We get to live our lives with the thought that each and every person has that divine spark within him or her, each person deserves dignity, respect and above all love.

Christianity is not just about what we think, it is about what we do.

John 13:35 writes, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.” Jesus teaches us to serve others, through works of charity and love. Ask yourself, how are you manifesting this in your life today? Do you actively love your neighbor? It is not enough to proclaim a set of beliefs or worship in a particular church. How do we treat others in our everyday life?

Do you give of yourself a little more than is necessarily comfortable? Our faith must be communicated to the world through our actions, not just our beliefs and our words.

I often think of the lesson expressed through the actions of Mary in the Annunciation. An angel came to her and told her of what was to come and she was scared, uncertain of this would mean for her life. Despite her fears, she said, “yes” to God. She chose to honor her faith with her actions. Luke 1:46 reads, “Then Mary said, ‘My soul magnifies the Lord.’” In saying yes to God, her actions magnified God’s love for us all. This shows us the remarkable things that can come through saying yes to God and living our faith out in our actions.

As you go about your every day, remember that each person you encounter has a diving light within them, just as you do.

In thinking of this, will you treat them differently? If the person in the store, on the street or in your neighbor’s home represents diving love, how will you treat them? How do your actions magnify God’s love in the world? Can you do more? Without even saying you are a Christian, how are your actions showing your faith? Christianity is not just a belief system. It is a call to radically love one another, with greatness beyond compare.