How to Make the Best of Long-Distance Holidays


When we are far away from our loved ones, the holidays can be difficult. But when we try to make the best out of this situation, we can do a lot of good.

Holidays are often described as a time when people travel from all over the world in order to be together. There is a romanticism placed on returning home and gathering together, often around a fireplace or a table filled with a delicious, sentimental meal. This is a powerful and important concept. It is a vital time for our busy, human bodies to take a moment to rest and physically spend time with the people who are meaningful to us, who give us life that can sustain us throughout the entire year.

However, there is often an aspect of this that is overlooked. Sometimes, we are not able to be with the people that we love over the holidays. Although this is an unfortunate reality for many, it doesn’t mean that we have to be emotionally disconnected, or feel as if our missing loved ones aren’t as much a part of our traditions. There are many ways that we can include people in our holidays from a distance. Technology and social media make this easier, but we can also keep them in our thoughts and include them as a part of our day-to-day considerations in order to feel close to them.

Talk openly about your feelings

This can be done internally, but there’s also value to be found in being open with our absent loved ones about how we’re feeling. By simply letting people know that we’re thinking about them, we can keep our loved ones close—even when they’re far. This creates an environment of solidarity. If both parties are open with one another about how much they wish the other person were with them, this can decrease the feeling of loneliness each may be struggling with.

Keep traditions

Through the keeping of traditions, we can remember our loved ones, as well. A way to do this is to set aside special time to do the activities that they love, even when all of the people who usually participate in such events might not be there. Sometimes, when we avoid doing things that remind us of the people that are missing in our lives, this actually makes the absence felt more intensely. Instead, we can do our best to go on and remember them through our actions.

Enjoy the company you do have

We can also take it upon ourselves to remember that, while we might miss people who are far away during the holidays, there are many people who do not have anyone to spend the holidays with. We should remember this, and do our best to reach out to those who may need companionship during this time. When we invite new people into our lives instead of simply missing those who we are separated by, we can create a positive situation where we once felt a hole.