How Justin Bieber Came to Pray ‘Sinner’s Prayer’ in 2014


Justin Bieber is a gifted entertainer and an incredible role model. His journey to Christ is a remarkable one, as well. What’s not to love?


Justin Bieber is the best Canadian singer we’ve seen infiltrate the USA since Celine Dion. (Although…. Hiiiiii Drake, we love you too). We loved watching Justin rise! From being a sweet kid posting YouTube videos online to reaching the level of a massive international superstar, his reach is so powerful that he currently holds the #2 spot on Twitter for most followers, even edging out former President Barack Obama.

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While we (of course) love dancing to his music, we’ve been increasingly impressed with his maturation as a man of God. Here at LightWorkers, we will always be Beliebers!

He’s Been Transformed by the Power of Christ

We’ve been blown away by the beautiful ways that Justin has embraced his faith in recent years. Although he grew up in a Christian home, entering such a bright spotlight as a young teen led to a lifestyle away from Jesus. We were always hoping that God’s grace, stability and hope could re-enter his life and we’re so grateful for the powerful ways Hillsong’s Pastor Carl Lentz was able to show the love of Christ to him.

After Justin welcomed God in to perform a spiritual transformation, we were thrilled to see his romantic life thrive as well.

Lentz was fiercely dedicated to supporting Justin, inviting him to move into his home for nearly two months. In 2014, as Justin realized that he deeply desired to know Jesus personally, Lentz led him in the prayer of salvation and was able to baptize him immediately thereafter.

We love that Hillsong has proven to be a supportive church for Justin, although as such a powerhouse musician himself, we’re not surprised that he would thrive at Hillsong. Their music, much like his own, is world-renowned.


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He Mobilizes His Influence for Good

Justin’s transformation in Christ has proven powerful over the past five years and we love seeing him constantly point back to God’s glory through his massive social media audience. He posts Bible verses, quotes that remind us of God’s love and videos featuring incredible worship music. Justin always brightens our day when he shows up in our feed.

He’s One Half of the Cutest Newlywed Couple in Hollywood

After Justin welcomed God in to perform a spiritual transformation, we were thrilled to see his romantic life thrive as well. We watched in delight as his whirlwind relationship with Hailey Baldwin blossomed in 2018. They began dating in May, were engaged by July and married by September. Wow!

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We love Hailey Baldwin, she’s a gifted entertainer and lives beautiful testimony of Christ’s love in all that she does. Together, they make a powerful and inspiring celebrity couple.


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He’s Bringing Education to Children Globally

Very early on in his career, Justin made a point to use his fame to give back. He has consistently donated portions of his ticket sales to Pencils of Promise to support their work to bring education to children around the world. Not only does he give generously of his income, he also has been generous with his time as well, taking the time to visit one of the schools he supported in Guatemala in 2013.

Justin, we are so thrilled to see you thrive spiritually, romantically and professionally. After such a whirlwind 2018, we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2019 brings!