How Jesus Can Help You Overcome Your Fear of Falling in Love



On January 1st, just days after Christmas, my friend posted a short video to her Instagram story. She was walking down the aisle in a nearby corner store, and she showed her followers that Valentine’s Day candy was already displayed. The moment I saw a glimpse of the chocolate hearts and pink and red candies, my memory began to jog back to a time when I was nervous to open my life to love. Past relationships, failure to connect and sustain and dating woes had once led me to feel anxiety and slight fear regarding future dates and relationships.

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Fast forward to today—I am happily married to my college sweetheart, and I can’t help but chuckle because I had seemingly forgotten, several years ago, that our God wears many hats, matchmaker included, and He does not want fear and love to coexist. We serve a loving God, and the more I examined His Word, the more I realized that He not only wants us to live without fear but He also wants to give us the desires of our hearts.

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)

As a believer, you are intimately connected with God, and when you are connected with God, you are subject to change, growth, elevation and an abundance of love. Having a relationship with God means constantly learning of His love and its infinite meanings, so when you know God, you know love, and when you know love, there is an absence of fear. So, if you feel yourself leaning more towards the side of fear rather than welcoming love into your life, reassess your relationship with the Lord. Draw into Him. Read His Word. Pray. Reconnect with the Lord so that your fears subside and love takes over your soul.

How Jesus Can Help You Overcome Your Fear of Falling in Love

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Eliminating your fears is strongly rooted in your relationship with God.

When I stop thinking about the things I fear, and how that is rooted within the context of my bond with the Lord, my heart feels a deep sadness because I know I love the Lord more than anything I could possibly fear. With that said, the same God who loves you unconditionally is the same God you must trust, no matter what, because He knows what is best for your life, and that includes your love life!

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Do you want to know something that may shift your entire perspective on love and fear?

You may have experienced a failed relationship, but God has never failed and never will. His track record is perfect! He promises never to leave or forsake you, and that includes romantic situations. His purpose for your life is bigger than a relationship failure, dating disaster, loneliness and confusion. God knows exactly what we need, and that includes relationship needs. He knows what is best for your life, and because He knows what is best, you must not fear or avoid love because our Father, the ultimate Protector, has positioned your life for abundance. Align your heart to His, and He will use your love and desires to lead you away from fear and on to the path of purpose.