The Truth About How God Sees You


When we ask this question, we invite God into our thoughts and worries. It is normal to wonder about how we are viewed by our creator, but the Bible gives us plenty of examples of how He sees us as His children.

God sees us as His children. Not only does He want the best for us, but He also knows us better than we even know ourselves. He knows our weaknesses, our faults and the things we have done in our lives that we aren’t proud of. While it may feel more natural to want to hide these less flattering aspects of ourselves, it would be of no use. The truth is that He loves us despite all of our flaws. He wants to be a part of our redemption and healing process, and He wants to see us succeed and be freed from the bondage of sin.

Throughout the New Testament, there are many examples of how God sees us. He sees us primarily as members of His family, and when we give our lives over to Christ, He sees us as new creations.

With this knowledge comes an important attitude shift on our part. When we understand how it is that God sees us, we can then transform our view of ourselves.

We are no longer a part of this world, but rather we are meant to live as a member of God’s family. We are called to a higher standard and are encouraged to rid ourselves of the old burdens that tied us down in the past. Instead, we are given a new purpose and a vision of how we are meant to live.

This isn’t an easy process, but when we do it with the knowledge that we are living out of God’s ultimate plan for us, we can find strength to do it. We can live with a newfound purpose of being the creatures that God calls us to be.

Oftentimes, when someone first becomes a Christian, there is a period of ease and happiness. But when the struggles of the world come, it can be all too easy to return to our previous lifestyle that we think worked for us in the past. The problem is that these habits aren’t fruitful or life-giving. They ultimately lack meaning and leave us with more questions than answers.

The Christian walk isn’t always easy. Jesus didn’t promise it would be. He said that people would fight against us and that we would be scorned and hated for following Him.

At times in our walk, we will still face doubt and confusion. It will be difficult to remember why we are following Christ. But Jesus also promised that we would ultimately be able to live with an answer to the question of our worth and value. We can see ourselves as the creatures that God loves, that He created and whom He desires to know.