How Christ Can Turn Your Marriage Around


The secret to a healthy marriage? Gift your partner a love that will surpass all understanding, make God’s presence the center of your home.


Marriage is a beautiful thing. When two people find a love that will last a lifetime, a love that laughs together, cries together and grows together, they share the indescribable joys of having a partner and best friend for life. As wonderful as marriage is, married men and women are easily swept up in blissful feelings and fond memories. As a result, they forget the most important relationship, or this relationship is not placed on the highest tier, and that relationship is one’s relationship with God.

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People often expect their partner to meet all of their needs which puts their spouse in a position intended for God and only God. God loved us first, long before people are loved by their spouse. Since God is the One who loved us first, we must serve God first, love God more than anyone else and worship Him first. This does not mean you love your spouse any less. This means you are securing the foundation of your marriage through faith-based principals and beliefs. When you truly love your partner, you want your love for God to cascade into their heart; your love and devotion for Christ stream into your marriage and that’s exactly the perspective and course of action God wants for every couple. So, as the month of love approaches, give your spouse the gift of a marriage that is centered on God’s love.

How Christ Can Turn Your Marriage Around

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Advising someone to love anything or anyone above their spouse may sound a bit… uncomfortable or wrong, but we’re not talking about just anyone! We are discussing God, and you must love Him first if you want to properly love your partner. When you place your partner above God, you are actually setting your marriage up for disappointment and disaster.

No matter how loyal, hilarious, selfless, hardworking and kind your partner may be, he or she cannot fulfill your needs the way God can fulfill your needs. Worse, your love will gradually weaken for your spouse because you will be met with disappointment after disappointment.

So, if you want to gift your partner a love that will surpass all understanding, make God’s presence the center of your home. Ask God to help you affirm, encourage and love your spouse; ask Him to help you cherish and delight in your partner. God is the ultimate counselor and matchmaker! As you pour your love into God and Christ-centered principals, your spouse will reap the benefits of His unending devotion.

“We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19).

Guard your heart against making your spouse an idol. Imagine the pressure your partner must feel to be placed on a pedestal above God. Sheesh, even typing that makes me nervous because I know I could never compare to His perfect love, grace and mercy. Instead, God must be your all, and your spouse must be secondary.

We are discussing God, and you must love Him first if you want to properly love your partner.

The beautiful parts of marriage are endless. I smile as I think of my husband and the joy he brings to my life and our kids’ lives. However, as wonderful as my spouse is, he cannot take the place of Christ; he cannot be salvation in my life and I cannot be salvation in his.

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Allow God to grant you lasting joy, peace and purpose, and watch these gifts spill into the life of the person who met you at the altar and promised you forever. God is so wonderful that He wants us to share His gifts with others because He knows His love will make the love in our lives stronger. Amen to that!

“Jesus said unto him, ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind” (Matthew 22:37).