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4 Parties Every Host Needs to Throw in 2018


What better way to make new memories in 2018 than by hosting your own parties? Here are some unique ways to host in the New Year.
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The holiday season gives us plenty of opportunities to gather around a Christmas tree or warm fire and make memories with friends. During the rest of the year, however, it can be a little harder to have as exciting of parties when there isn’t a big event—like Christmas or New Year’s—involved. While the traditional dinner party is always a good fallback year-round, hosting can become expensive if you’re providing food and drink to a handful of people.

I highly recommend hosting an event like this for spending time with your community and making fun memories together.

Here are a few ideas for hosting a killer, memorable and collaborative party—even if it’s on some random Thursday in April.

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1. Build Your Own Flower Arrangement

We have a sweet flower truck in my hometown where you can purchase by the stem and make your own bouquet. You can gather a group to do this at home, whether or not you have a flower truck nearby; even grocery store flowers will work just fine. Have everyone bring a certain variety of flowers, mix and match—and then walk away with an arrangement full of all sorts of different stems that you could never buy in a single grocery store bouquet.


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2. Cookie Exchange

Okay, so I borrowed this idea from the holiday season, but I think this could be even more fun during a time of year when there aren’t as many sweets lying around. And hosting a cookie exchange gives everyone a chance to make cookies that aren’t shaped as Santa. If you want to make it into a competition, you could reward the baker of the best cookies with… more cookies!

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3. Pizza Night

Have everybody bring a topping for a “build your own” pizza night. If you’re feeling fancy, you can make it all from scratch and roll your own dough, or you can buy crusts for a faster turnaround time. If you’re doing this with a few friends or a big group, have each person say what topping they’re planning to bring. That way, everybody will have the options they want, and will know what others will be providing. Hosting a pizza night is a pretty low-key, fun way to get together on any night of the year.

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4. Cajun-Style Shrimp Boil

I went to a shrimp boil in August for a friend’s birthday, and I can honestly say it was one of my favorite events that I attended all year. The host boiled up a big vat of Cajun-style shrimp, crabs, potatoes, corn, lemons and sausage, and we dumped the food out over a long, family-style table and ate with our hands. The best part of the event was that since we all had to eat using our hands, nobody was on their cell phones! I highly recommend hosting an event like this for spending time with your community and making fun memories together.


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