Looking for a New Home: Rescued Mini Horse and Goose Are BFFs That Refuse to Be Separated


These two BFFs have to be adopted together and after hearing their remarkable story you'll understand why.


Waffles and Hemingway are coming your way! This horse and goose pair will capture your heart. These friendly farm friends cannot be separated.

Waffles is the miniature horse and Hemingway is the goose. Both animals were rescued from a property in Buck’s County, Pennsylvania. The officials were from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Cindy Kelly, a spokeswoman for the SPCA, tells “Good Morning America “It was very sweet. We have them in the barn together and one of the staff observed one day that Hemingway was leaning his head in and kind of had his neck wrapped over Waffle’s shoulder.” We hope these farm friends find a great new home life together!

They are protective of each other, and when one has to go out for its medical appointment the other will go on the defense. Kelly shares that Hemingway will “honk and flap his wings and let you know, ‘Hey leave my buddy alone,’ or ‘You better bring him back.’ They really seem to have this bond.” Their guardians have decided to put them up for adoption together, as a package.