Hillsong United Boldly Worships on GMA: ‘God Is Madly in Love with You’


Hillsong UNITED's new album plus their creative process in writing their songs that impact millions every week.


A new Hillsong album is always exciting! Welcome the new UNITED project entitled People. This week the group performed their featured song Good Grace on Good Morning America. An estimated 50 Million people sing Hillsong UNITED songs in church every Sunday, and UNITED takes that responsibility very seriously.

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Joel Houston always expresses that he never takes lightly “putting words” in the mouths of people. In a recent interview with Faithwire fellow lead singer J.D. opens up and states, “I’ve heard this quote over and over, but it goes, ‘Music has this way of entering your soul without permission.'” There is no doubt in my mind that God created music, and He created music to glorify Himself and to help people.”

Staying grounded and focused on the cross is of utmost importance to the group. J.D. continues, “That’s always our prayer, we don’t write these songs so people will like them or even enjoy them, but we write these songs to carry the Word of God and the presence of God.” He shares about the band’s creative process, “It’s like music is a universal language. It’s definitely amazing and so good to be able to make music and melody and do what God created us to be.”

J.D. explained Joel’s process in writing songs “that are from our experience, from our struggles or from our triumphs, or from a revelation that we have gotten from God through his Word.” Every song is checked by a group of Pastor’s and leaders for theological accuracy before they are published. J.D. elaborates, “There is no better time for the people of God to unite around the common theme of God and His power, His word and the truth of His salvation.”

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From experience from going to Hillsong for four years, I can attest to the genuine authenticity and spiritual authority this group carries. They hold so strongly to the conviction of Jesus Christ being high and lifted in worship. It is an honor to witness and be moved by these powerful anthems, exalting the name of Jesus. Their PEOPLE US tour kicks off this April! Good luck guys!