4 Things You Didn’t Know About Hillsong


4 Things You Didn’t Know About Hillsong


Think you know Hillsong? Get to know the world-renowned Hillsong band with this exclusive interview.

You may know them from your youth group days of singing “One Way” and “From the Inside Out,” or you may have just recently started listening to their music. Either way, we loved Hillsong then and we love them now.

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We caught up with some members of Hillsong UNITED at the premiere of “Let Hope Rise,” a film about Hillsong’s beginnings and growth into the church and band we can thank for some of the most well-known worship songs sung over the years and even now. Maybe you know the lyrics to every one of their songs, but there are some things you don’t know about Hillsong and we’re here to share them with you.

  1. They’re unusually modest. When asked about the first thought that popped into his head when he heard he was going to be in a movie, Matt Crocker, singer and guitarist for Hillsong, said he immediately wondered, “Who would want to see that?” Even though thousands come to see them in concert, Matt still asked himself, “Who would want to see this movie about us?” We loved his honesty and humility as he laughed and shared this with us.
  2. They fight. Yep, that’s right. Even though they serve together and play together, they still get into arguments like the rest of us. Singer and guitarist Dylan Thomas confesses that though they fight sometimes—he, in fact, had just gotten in a slight tiff with one of the band members earlier that day—they are always grounded by the perspective of what they are participating in. Thomas shares, “[T]he good thing is that we’ve been doing this for long enough [that] we respect each other and really love each other and understand the bigger picture…We love being attached to such an amazing purpose.”
  3. They love Jesus. Okay, this one’s pretty obvious, but still ever-important. At the end of the day, that’s why they do what they do. It’s not about fame or recognition; even the movie, at its core, isn’t about them. It follows what they’ve been able to achieve, but underneath it all, it’s about Jesus—because they wouldn’t be where they are today without him. “I do believe that Jesus is the hope of the world,” Taya Smith, singer for Hillsong, says.

So why make a movie? Because it’s another opportunity for Jesus to work in the hearts of people, Taya believes; “One encounter with him can change your entire life,” she declares. Amen, Taya, amen. There’s one last surprising thing you probably didn’t know about Hillsong, but we’re not going to spoil it for you; you’ll have to check out the video above to find out.