Hillsong Channel Launches New Faith and Culture Series ‘Now with Natalie’


A little behind the scenes sneak peek to the new Hillsong channel series "Now with Natalie," talking all things purpose and influence with a faith twist.


Fashion influencer Natalie Manuel Lee hosts the new series Now with Natalie on Hillsong Channel premiering this year. This six-part series includes celebrity interviews from a grounded faith perspective. Los Angeles and entertainment meccas around the globe can be hard grounds to plant seeds of faith. But if you can plant even in the concrete, you will see the world changed by your faithfulness to God.

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Natalie interviews top influencers like Hailey Bieber, Tyson Chandler, Kelly Rowland, Jerry Lorenzo and Elaine Welteroth. Models, professional athletes, singers, that have the common thread of faith interlinking them. Natalie and her brother Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo both serve at Hillsong Church in Los Angeles where both minister out of an amazing uplifting spirit of faith.

Natalie recently opened up to the Christian Post saying: “The guests this season, those are my friends and my family, it’s my community. I’m blessed to have them in my life. Not only do I learn from each and every one of them, but we have these conversations all the time.” She decided to host the show because she saw a “need for purposeful content.” We love how purpose-filled the show is!

“The greatest way to serve is to tell your story. And for them, I just needed them to tell their story, and be honest, be transparent. I knew that they would have an impact that they probably didn’t even realize how big the impact would be, and it has so far,” Natalie adds. Lee continues in the interview, “One-hundred percent, everybody that’s on the show is a believer and that was the point, I think the common thread from everybody from episode one to episode six, the common thread is their faith.

Tune into this season as Natalie chats, status, self-worth and mental health with some of your favorite celebrities. Wishing Natalie the best of luck on her show, as she gives a platform to influencers with strong Christ-focused faith roots. Natalie seeks to highlight that these celebrities are under a microscope by society, but that their true purpose lies in magnifying God instead.