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Here’s How to Be a Hosting Expert with a Veggie Board!


Hosting with a veggie board can be equally as yummy as a cheese board! Don't believe us? Here's one that'll please your guests and help maintain your healthy kick.
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There’s nothing a hostess loves more than a delicious cheese board. A great cheese board is one of life’s simplest luxuries and an absolute go-to when I entertain guests. But, unfortunately, sometimes friends might not appreciate cheese as much as I do, and others have dietary restrictions that don’t allow them to eat dairy.

To please the whole crowd, I started to think of alternative snack solutions—and consequently, veggie boards have come to find a place in my hostess arsenal. In fact, with the right company, a veggie board can outshine a plate of fancy cheese. Can you believe it?

If you regularly host people in your home, you may already know some of their eating habits. Always take food allergies into consideration, but aside from that, choose any and all veggies that appeal to you and complement one another.

Here are a few ideas and tips to get you started:

1. The Guilty Pleasure Snacks


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What’s great about a cheese board is that it takes something that would normally be a guilty pleasure (like eating way too many snacks in one sitting) and makes it socially acceptable! Even though the majority of your veggie board should be healthy snacks—as that’s the point—don’t be afraid to throw in a few “cheat day” items.

For example, a lot of my friends who don’t eat cheese also don’t eat bread, but I added some pita to this board for those who want to indulge. Bonus points if it’s still warm from a light toasting in the oven!

2. Consider the Details


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The biggest thing you can do to make a veggie board stand out is to take each item to the next level with small enhancements. Instead of just slicing up a cucumber, take an extra few seconds to add a little finesse by removing parts of the peel before you slice. It’s a small touch, but it creates a visual impact.

You can make a homemade dill vegetable dip by combining plain Greek yogurt, dill weed and mixing to taste. Top the veggie dip with fresh dill, and if you’ve got hummus on your board, top that with roasted red peppers. Depending on what flavors you’re focusing on, you can garnish the board with dill, basil or another herb of your choice.

3. Take It From “OK” to “Oh Wow”


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Some people wouldn’t truly look forward to eating half a bag of carrots or snap peas in one sitting. But when you combine these colorful ingredients on a platter, add in a few cheat items, some tasty dips and great conversation, eating your veggies becomes a lot more exciting.

I’ll be honest: there’s nothing that will ever truly replace a cheese board. But considering the obvious health benefits of a veggie-based diet, this alternative snack board is a winner that your guests will absolutely appreciate and love.


Photo by Ana Elliott/