Have We Made Government God?


It’s easy to try and find fulfillment in life through our relationships with others instead of a relationship with God. This is also done when we try to replace government policies with the provision only God can bring us.

A common problem of our society occurs when we try to discover a sense of purpose through worldly things such as professional achievements and relationships. While it’s certainly important to find the things that will fulfill us through our passions and vocations, it’s equally imperative to avoid the trap of thinking that these things alone will bring us joy. Another way we unsuccessfully look for meaning is by expecting the government to provide for us rather than going to God for our needs first.

In our current political climate, sometimes it seems as if people have replaced God with the promises that come from elected leaders. Citizens attempt to be satisfied by the actions of politicians instead of through a relationship with God. It’s important to do our best to avoid this mindset and not live with the idea that we will find the source of our fulfillment through what human beings alone can provide for us.

This doesn’t mean we need to stray away from political engagement and activism, but rather we should remember to ultimately place our hope in Christ instead of other people. When we do that, we will be better citizens of our communities and our nation. We’ll be able to understand one another on a human level first, and then see what common ground we can find.

If we discover our purpose through a connection with God, then we won’t feel as defensive and guarded against those who are different from us, or hold views unlike our own.

Instead of going into conversations and debates thinking our opinion is the only correct one, we will have the humble mentality that we are imperfect and in need of a Savior. With this idea comes a sense of modesty, which allows us to approach others with empathy instead of ego.

As much as we might try, we will never be able to engage with one another in a perfect way while here on earth. We still have a responsibility to interact with one another in a kind manner, all while remembering the limited view we have. If we accept the imperfection of our existence, we can still try to make a positive impact on our environment with the knowledge that God is ultimately in control.

His design is perfect, and even though He uses us within His plan, we can rest with confidence that He will provide us the fulfillment we need in this life better than any governmental policy can.