‘Harriet’ Is the Second Most Profound Faith Film I Have Ever Seen Outside ‘The Passion of the Christ’


"Harriet" is the must-see faith-film of the decade. Depicting the life story of a legend led by God to catalyze, not only a people but an entire nation to freedom.

The new biopic Harriet opens this weekend. An uplifting, heart-soaring spiritual experience that will leave you spellbound and eager to do the will of God. It is the first film in years that I have seen that accurately, purely, forthrightly and powerfully tells the spiritual story of a Kingdom general. A general whose story will ignite any weary heart or lukewarm pursuit. (Sidenote—I’m still waiting for someone to do Joan of Arc faith-filled cinematic justice.)

Harriet Tubman is one of this nation’s most heroic figures. We all learned about her era-defining missions on the Underground Railroad while in school. However, what very few schools ever highlighted was that Harriet—branded “Moses” at the time by both those that marveled at and were angered by her exploits—was unquestionably led by God.

While a slave, Tubman was known as “Minty,” a young woman both respected and ridiculed for the profound and frequent premonitions she would receive from God. It was one of these prophetic visions that warned her of her impending sale that would rip her from husband, family and all that she had ever known. In the vision, God told her to run, and run she did—escaping slavery in 1849.

Harriet brilliantly covers her harrowing journey to freedom and her determination to do the will of God as the only female, and most famed, conductor on the Underground Railroad. Covering her life from 1849 to 1864, Harriet is the must-see faith film of the year (or dare I say decade).

The film depicts in purity and sincerity, not only Tubman’s determination to put God first and foremost but also “the depth of Tubman’s great intelligence and fortitude.” It shows a woman led by God to catalyze, not only a people but an entire nation to freedom.