‘Bachelorette’ Hannah B. on Faith and Powerful Prayer


Hannah opens up about the prayer she prayed that resonated with so many women across the country. We love Hannah as the Bachelorette, and her faith and growing confidence throughout the show!


The sweet southern belle that charmed us on Colton Underwood’s season is blossoming as our Bachelorette. Where she used to be more reserved and nervous, now is a bundle of fun! Her quirky personality and bubbliness is so contagious, but you’d be surprised to know that Hannah is super grounded in her faith.

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It caught viewers off guard when ABC shared Hannah’s prayer on night one after meeting the men. She went off to the side privately and prayed that God would show her how worthy she is and that He would give her the words to say. As an avid fan of the show, it made me tear up. Because often as women, we struggle with our sense of worth, and knowing what to say in difficult situations is hard. She wanted godly wisdom and identity, and that was precious.

Hannah says in her interview with Entertainment tonight “I’m so glad even in the first episode that they even showed my prayer.” In regards to her faith, she shares, “That is a big huge part of me.” “A lot of times, people get Christianity and religion messed up. Your faith should be something personal and a relationship, it’s not to judge others. Christianity is something that you welcome others into and should be a place where people feel safe and welcome, not to feel judged or shamed.”

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Hannah also opened up about the shame that Christians can place on each other for falling into sin. She explains that she doesn’t receive that judgment and that God loves her even when she sins.

We wish Hannah all the luck, as she searches for a great mate! It encourages us, viewers, to keep our worth high, and rely on God’s direction in our lives. Millions are tuning in each week, to watch her journey in love, and it is so cool that Hannah is a fellow believer who’s confidence comes from the Lord alone.