God Shuts Down a Deaf School, Heals All 35 Students


From the Azusa Street Revival emerges a stunning testimony of 35 deaf students being healed by the God of Miracles, Jesus.

The Azusa Street Revival is arguably the most significant revival to have taken place in America. Led by African American preacher and revivalist, William J. Seymour, the revival began on April 9, 1906 in a small house on Bonnie Brae Street in the East side of Los Angeles, California and continued until roughly 1915.

“Seymour was a southern sharecropper, son of [former] slaves who was left with one eye due to smallpox,” HubPages writes. Known for his immense humility and a palpable anointing, Seymour was considered by the great healing evangelist, John G. Lake “to have more of God than any living man at the time.”

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A Snapshot of William J. Seymour Fact 1: Seymour was one of the most influential African-American religious leaders of his time, and his impact can be felt even today. Seymour was largely responsible for the establishment of the modern Pentecostal movement. William Joseph Seymour was born May 2, 1870, in Centerville, Louisiana. Seymour parents Simon Seymour and Phillis Salabar were both former slaves. Fact 2: William suffered insurmountable injustice and prejudice during this time of reconstruction in the South. Violence against freedmen was very common from groups like the Ku Klux Klan. This group terrorized Southern Louisiana which caused him to move North, away from the persecution a lot of Southern blacks experienced at this time. Fact 3: William later in his adulthood moved from the South and moved to Indianapolis. He was later converted in a Methodist Church and soon after he joined the church of God Reformation movement in Anderson, Indiana. Fact 4: In 1905, Seymour visited Houston, Texas where he heard the Pentecostal message for the first time. He started attending a Bible school conducted by Charles F. Parham. Parham was the founder of the Apostolic Faith Movement and is the father of the modern Pentecostal/ Charismatic. Fact 5: While Seymour was preaching at a small church, a guest by the name of Neely Terry witnessed him preaching. After this encounter, she returned to her Holiness church and asked her Pastor to invite William. He accepted the invitation. His teaching was rejected, so he started a bible study at Richard and Ruth Asbery home on 214 N. Bonnie Brae. People began to speak in tongues and an outpour began. The bible study grew tremendously, they had to search for a larger building, and this is how it all started at 312 Azusa Street in Los Angeles. (Sources: Wikipedia,, . . . #RediggingAncientWells #TheHabitatCOG #WilliamSeymour #AzusaStreet #God #SaintLouis #StLouisCity #StLouisCounty #Missouri #SaintLouisCity #GodofthisCity #STL #christian #Believers #NewCreationBeliever #preachers #preacher #pentacostal #churchhistory #preachernation #revivalists #WilliamJSeymour #WilliamJSeymourQuotes

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“On the night of April 9, 1906, Seymour and seven men were waiting on God on Bonnie Brae Street, ‘when suddenly, as though hit by a bolt of lightning, they were knocked from their chairs to the floor’ and the other seven men began to speak in tongues and shout out loud praising God,” Wikipedia reports.

News immediately spread, drawing large crowds and revealing in mass the manifest power of God which was on display for all to see through the speaking of tongues, extended prayer and worship services and physical healings.

“Testimonies of arms being regrown, deaf ears opening and the sick being healed were a daily phenomenon. Services began running night and day at Azusa street, at times there were up to nine services a day,” Relevant Magazine comments.

One such testimony of physical healing was retold this week by modern day evangelist and healing revivalist, Robby Dawkins who shared the miraculous story on social media with a historic image titled God Shuts Down a Deaf School.

As shared by Dawkins, during the Azusa Street Revival, a teacher from a deaf school brought all 35 of his students to a Azusa meeting in the hope that God would touch them, perhaps even heal a few.

Upon arriving, he and his students met with a man by the name of Fox [whose] “specialty” was praying for deaf ears to open. Fox was “known for whispering in deaf ears saying ‘spirit of deafness, come out in Jesus name.’ And a popping would be heard and they would instantly hear!”

Speaking with the educator, Fox asked, “’Why did you bring them here? You’re going to be out of a job!” To which the instructor replied, “you’re talking as if all of them are going to be healed.” “Yes!” exclaimed Fox. “I expect that to happen.”

Full of bold faith, Fox gathered the 35 deaf students in a circle asking them to hold hands, he then leant over and “whispered in one of their ears and the deaf student was instantly healed!” The faith for healing then spread like fire throughout the remaining students’ hearts “and the rest began to get healed without need of prayer!”

And just like that the God of miracles brought the blessing of sound to 35 young men and women, showing us once again that there is no one like Him: no one as good, as faithful, as powerful.

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