God of the Impossible: Mary Conceived, Dead Rose, Seas Parted, So What Will He Do for You?


Mary was a virgin, yet God caused her to conceive our Lord and Savior. And through Him, He can do the impossible in our lives, too.


“Jesus said to him, ‘If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes” (Mark 9:23).

“Sometimes, I wonder, ‘Why bother? I’m in over my head.'”

Those words recently came from the mouth of a good friend, and when she spoke those words, my heart sank because I knew she was not only feeling deeply discouraged, but her faith was hanging by a thread, too.

At that moment, though, despite her pain, I was grateful my friend trusted me to listen to her problems, and I hoped this vent session would help her unload the stress she’s been carrying. With a heavy sigh, she stopped talking and remained silent for a moment. I felt a tugging on my heart, and I knew it was time to remind her of something that seemed to escape her focus.

“Nothing is too big for Jesus,” I gently said, hoping she knew I wasn’t lecturing her or trying to quiet her emotions. “Nothing is too big for Him to solve, heal or restore.”

After a few seconds, my friend lifted her head and gave a slight smile. She thanked me for the gentle reminder and told me she needed to pray more, not because she wanted an immediate answer to her prayers, but because she feels peace when she brings her problems to the Lord.

The last thing I wanted to do was give my friend cliché advice or make her feel as if I wanted her to stop venting. I wanted her to unload! I was ready and willing to listen and help.

However, there’s something valuable we tend to forget in times of trouble, and I knew my friend had lost sight of this; our minds are so clouded by our problems, and this completely drains our energy, so much so that our fleshly feelings take over and reign supreme.

Therefore, we tend to forget that God is capable of the impossible. No burden, problem or request is too big for Him to address. In fact, we are approaching the most joyous season of the year, thanks to God because He made the impossible happen—the birth of Jesus.

Today, ask yourself what feels impossible in your life. Then, answer truthfully as to whether you are believing and praying that God can cast out your impossibilities.

We serve a God who made way for Mary to conceive!

He parted the sea for Israel!

He raised Jesus from the dead!

These miracles were not by coincidence or luck. God is capable of the impossible, and that certainly includes reversing and healing the burdens in your life. Remember—God was not held back by the physical impossibilities of Mary’s hopeful conception. Mary conceived because she agreed with the word God sent through His messenger. She had faith in His power. She knew He was capable!

So, gather your faith, whether the size of a mustard seed or tall tower, and allow God to do the impossible in your life.

You may be overwhelmed by financial issues, emotionally broken from a relationship or confused about your path in life. Whatever the case may be, big or small, it pleases our Father when we believe in Him. Allow this special season to be the utmost reminder that God is capable, and He cares. Thanks be to God for Mary and her son, Jesus, beautifully powerful and humbling reminders of God’s glory. Lord, we delight in You and all your glory!