A True Story of God Working a Financial Miracle


Sometimes when we give to God, He turns right back around, works a miracle, and gives to us. And sometimes those miracles, like this one, are stunning financial ones.

I have a fun miracle story to tell you! In the winter of last year, I was on the tightest of budgets and highly bored by it. I had started to wonder if there was a different way to steward money. So I read the book Poverty, Riches and Wealth by Kris Vallotton. In it he explains that many people think that when they “become rich” they will give more money away but the truth is it doesn’t work that way, it actually becomes harder. You have to start now. Vallotton writes, “All prosperity begins with giving, which means that everybody in the world has the capacity for wealth.” One of the most beautiful truths in the Kingdom of God is the principle of stewardship. Prosperity and wealth is all about giving above getting.

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I decided I wanted to experiment with “sowing.” And so I did. I started giving money away that month to a couple of people and causes. But then something happened. Shortly after I “gave” I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw a fundraising post for a friend’s brother’s Autism walk.

Money is like soldiers. You can send your dollars to go into battle for you.
—Bill Johnson

She aptly named her walk The Feff Fan Club after her nickname for her brother (Feffs). I don’t know how to explain this but I fell in love. I fell in love with Feff, even though I had never met him! I fell in love with the special relationship he had with his sister! Everything about this family screamed UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to me. (I want you to know that when you suddenly feel an overflow of love for someone or something, it’s God giving you His heart too.)

Now I had seen this fundraiser pop up on her social media before. It had come through my feed in the couple years past and both times in the past I “didn’t feel like I had extra money” to support causes. But there I was—I was finally over that kind of thinking and I was in the process of learning about giving money away and DANGIT I already gave all I could. If I gave any more away that month it would have been irresponsible for my bills and budget.

Autism Speaks Walk: A True Story of How Autism Shapes the Lives of All InvolvedAutism Speaks Walk: A True Story of How Autism Shapes the Lives of All InvolvedAutism Speaks Walk: A True Story of How Autism Shapes the Lives of All Involved

Feff with his sister, Stacie.

Then a hilarious shame started to creep in, “I didn’t do my research, I should have waited to find out where I really wanted to give, I should have taken a moment to figure this out, even in giving I’m irresponsible. I should have… should have… should have.”

I HATE THE SHAME MONSTER and I realized it was trying to eat me alive. So, I decided to use my new weapon against it, prayer.

I turned to God (in a rather whiny state), “I’m annoyed with not having more money. For once I’d like to be able to give to The Feff Fan Club, I should at least be in a place to give an extra $100 away.”

Long story short, I went to sleep that night deflated.

That next morning I woke up to a Venmo “cha-ching” on my cell phone. It was for exactly $100 from a friend in Los Angeles. With a message basically saying, “had some extra this month just wanted to send you a treat.”

Here is God’s honest truth guys—at first I was like “OMG CUUUTE!! HOW FUN!“ and I thought of these shoes I wanted to buy. Seriously.

I got up to go brush my teeth and suddenly the Holy Spirit basically “tapped me on the shoulder” being like “AHEM…do you remember what you prayed last night?”

HOLY CRAP. I asked for exactly $100 for The Feff Fan Club.
God heard my prayer and immediately answered it.
OMG….I think Jesus just might be the president of The Feff Fan club.

I mean wow. One prayer and BAM, miracle. Feff must be seriously SPECIAL.

Because let’s think about this for a second, there are a lot of things I pray for. My husband for example, still no answer on that. (God, can you please accelerate that mission?)

But I say one prayer to give a $100 to Feff and He’s all, “ABSOLUTELY! ON IT! LET’S DO THIS!”

Another lesson: I should have probably asked for more money, getting specific seems to be a solid way to do things.

My point in telling you this story is this: Pray for my husband.

HA. Just kidding. (But yeah do that too.)

The real reason is I heard Bill Johnson say something once like, “Money is like soldiers. You can send your dollars to go into battle for you.”

I’m here to tell you that you should consider sending your dollars into the fight for Autism and all the Feffs out there. Clearly, he’s a solid investment, because it seems that Jesus is the president of his fan club after all.

Join the Feff Fan Club today, by donating here. I dare you not to fall in love.


Autism Speaks Walk: A True Story of How Autism Shapes the Lives of All Involved