Your Ultimate ‘Giving Tuesday’ Guide: A Few of Our Favorite Charities


Since its inception in 2012, Giving Tuesday has now become the biggest single day for charitable giving every year. Here are some tips to navigate this exciting day of generosity.


Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and in just seven years since its inception, the holiday has become the number one day for charitable giving! After the consumption glut of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday provides you a chance to give back to worthy causes. This year, it falls on Tuesday, December 3.

You can give to a national charity, your church, your favorite ministry, your kids’ school or simply give to a friend that you know could benefit from your generosity.

Double Your Support for Your Favorite Charity Through Facebook Fundraisers

Perhaps the most exciting activation on Giving Tuesday isn’t from a non-profit organization, but actually an organization that makes a huge profit—Facebook. You’ve likely seen your friends fundraise for charity through the Facebook Fundraisers feature and on Giving Tuesday the social media platform gives a massive boost to Facebook Fundraisers. Launching at 8 am EST (5 am PST for you early-risers), Facebook will release $7 million to be distributed through Facebook Fundraisers. Make any donation to any charity through Facebook and if you make it while the $7 million pool exists, your donation will be matched by Facebook!

Can Your Employer Match Your Donation?

Maybe Facebook isn’t your scene. Explore if your employer matches charitable donations. If they do, show them documentation of your generosity and let them double your impact! Many companies offer this perk, so reach out to your HR department to explore if your employer engages in charitable matching.

A Few of Our Favorite Campaigns in 2019

What we love about Giving Tuesday is that it’s a unifying holiday for nonprofits of all kinds; large, small, local, global and across every genre! However, here are a few campaigns that sparked our interest and may be worth your donation if you’re not sure which cause to support on Giving Tuesday:

1. Dress For Success + Olivia Palermo

Dress For Success is a global organization working to empower women in the workplace. Firstly, they offer women professional attire, helping them land their dream job. However, Dress For Success also offers a professional network and development tools for women. We loved hearing that they’ve joined forces with fashion influencer Olivia Palermo for Giving Tuesday in 2019. She’s offered free styling services to three Dress For Success clients, helping them further their economic opportunities through professional upward mobility. Consider donating to Dress For Success, you can also donate gently used professional clothes.

2. Future Coalition + Cuyana

Money may be tight, but you can do something as simple as sharing a social media post on Giving Tuesday to make a difference. For example, you may be inspired by the way that Future Coalition is empowering young people to engage with environmental issues. One great way to reduce waste is to drink from a reusable water bottle. So, post about using your reusable water-bottle with the hashtag #IAmFewerBetter and the sustainable fashion brand Cuyana will donate $1 to Future Coalition for each post through the end of Giving Tuesday.

3. Autistic Self-Advocacy Network + AntiPhonathon

We love the cheeky AntiPhonathon campaign that the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) set up for Giving Tuesday. Somewhere along the way, we all seem to have adopted a passionate avoidance of making phone calls, favoring text messages and communication through social media. We love how the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network is encouraging us to ditch the phone (and its accompanying anxiety) and instead drive donations through non-phone means. Consider supporting ASAN’s advocacy work to help improve the lives of people living with autism.

4. A21 + Christine Caine

We love A21 and their incredible work to combat human trafficking. The organization was founded by the beloved Evangelist Christine Caine and is fiercely dedicated to abolishing slavery. They do this through powerful awareness events like the Walk For Freedom and also through on-the-ground rehabilitation programs, with locations in 14 countries around the world. Donate to A21 on Giving Tuesday and help fund their 24/7 human trafficking hotlines in Greece, Bulgaria and South Africa.