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The Yummy Mummy Christmas Gift Guide


Itching to get that special mom in your life a unique gift this year, but stuck in the “what to get” department? Don’t worry! We have the perfect suggestions for you.


Whether the wonder woman in your life is an expectant mom, new mom or a master Miyagi mom, she deserves to be spoiled this Christmas with a gift as unique, witty and perfect as she is. But let’s be honest, Christmas shopping isn’t for the faint-hearted. The pressure to find the perfect gift is at times more than a spouse, significant other, child or friend can bare. (My husband gets anxiety even thinking about it!)

Every Christmas we have the best of intentions to blow the mom in our life away with our masterful sleuth gift-giving juju, but before we know it December 24th is waving “hello” with a condescending smirk.

So, instead of panicking this year, we thought we would help get that Christmas shopping engine of yours going with a few helpful hints of what we moms actually want. Try these on for size—or don’t. Just don’t blame us when December 24th rides off into its high and mighty sunset of smirkdom.


1. SUMI Peacock Feather Kimono Robe | $88

Robe.Every mom wants the no-fuss, practical expression of beauty to transcend those early morning, pre-coffee, sleep-deprived diaper changes into a distant far away land of decadence.

Click here to purchase.


2. ALISSA BELL Notebook | $34

Notebook.Taking beauty from external to internal with these classic stunners designed to catch every stray thought, much-needed heart-process or the weekly food-prep shopping list.

Click here to purchase.


3. Ergobaby Baby Carrier: Special Edition Keith Haring—Pop | $124

Baby-Carrier.Every mom of cute peanuts needs a baby carrier, so let her express a bit of that spunk of hers that you love so much with this special edition Keith Haring carrier. Bonus, it’s on sale!

Click here to purchase.


4. Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 | $135

Perfume.Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 is basically the most stunning smell, ever. Understated. Mysterious. Subtle yet intoxicating. The mom in your life needs this.

Click here to purchase.


5. Zazzle ‘I'm Making a Human. What Have You Done Today?’ Coffee Mug | $17

Coffee-Mug.The most acutely accurate mug of all mugs. Buy it now. Thank me later. Is the mom in your life having multiples? Don’t worry! Zazzle will customize for those beautiful babes.

Click here to purchase.


6. DARLING ‘Hello Darling Tote’ | $25

Darling-Tote.This magazine makes you proud to be a woman, so why not give the mom in your life a carry-all that invests in the societal redefining of the modern woman.

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6. Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set | $149

Sheets.Who knew luxury was one sheet set purchase away? These sheets will transport you to a land of comfy zzzs.

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7. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè | $28

Cream.This face cream is the secret of many a make-up artist and the demolisher of fine-lines. Meet my twice-daily spa date masquerading as a face crème.

Click here to purchase.


8. ‘BRINGING UP BEBE’ The Original | $15

Bringing-Up-Bebe.An oldie, but a goodie. This book makes you believe you can actually be a better parent! Always one for a good comparative study on cultural anthropology, this is the one book I recommend to parents and non-parents alike. It’s that good and the anthropological findings that important.

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