Francis Chan Responds to Jehovah’s Witnesses Trying to Convert Him


How do Jehovah's Witnesses respond when they meet someone passionate about Jesus... Someone like Francis Chan. Let's find out.

Well working in his yard, American preacher and teacher Francis Chan was approached by two Jehovah’s Witnesses asking to speak with him. He responded, “Of course! I’ve got some things to say to you too!” He then jumps in with stories of God recently answering prayers. “Can I just tell you a couple things that God’s done in my life recently,” Chan asked. “Let me just tell you about some answers to prayer that just happened last week.”

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One of the women spoke up, “You know God doesn’t listen to everyone’s prayers.”

“Without hesitation, Chan agreed to the idea and even cited verses from the Bible to back up [why]. That’s when the tables turned and Chan took the opportunity to share [with] them the truth about God’s Word,” God TV shared.

But that’s not the end of this powerful story—it seems that Chan was only getting started.

Hear more about the encounter from Chan himself below: