After Years of Infertility, Foster Couple Takes in Daughter’s Best Friend, Leads to Family of 6


A couple takes in their daughter's middle school friend which leads to a family of 6.


Love is all you need! This adorable family welcomes two adopted children plus one more teenage foster care girl that was best friends with their daughter. The Jones-Baldwin tribe is growing in a fantastic example of love and helping those in need.

Keia and Richardro Jones-Baldwin started off by fostering their daughter’s friend, who needed a home. Karleigh, 16, was homeless and this family took her in. “In sixth grade she came over for me to take her to a chorus concert and just never left …Karleigh is my child that can make any rainy day bright. She is a joy to be around” Keia shares with Good Morning America.

One year after fostering Karleigh, the parents adopted Ayden, 8. Ayden came from a home of neglect and substance abuse. “Ayden is brilliant. He is just the smartest kid I know…he’s a mama’s boy,” mom shares.

The last to the pack is baby Princeton. Princeton also came from a home with substance abuse issues. “I put him on my chest for the first time and I never wanted to leave. He was such a sweet baby” Jones-Baldwin shared. Princeton is now officially adopted into this multi-cultural fun home!

Jones-Baldwin ends with this touching note, “I tear up just thinking about him. He is very rambunctious. He keeps us on our toes, he keeps us sharp. I think the most important thing that he brought to our family is a deeper connection on how to love without seeing color.” Keia and Richardo experienced several miscarriages and unsuccessful in vitro fertilization attempts early on in their marriage. Now they are surrounded by love and family in this redeeming and inspiring story.