Teachers Gift Struggling Family a Car to Keep Student in School


A family who was down on their luck and struggling to take their kids to school receives an unexpected gift of generosity in the form of a car.


This Fort Worth, Texas family was down on their luck this holiday season. The Brister family’s truck had broken down, leaving the family with little to no transportation. Amidst job losses and the expenses of taking rideshares the family could not keep sending their youngest son to school.

Zion Brister, 4, was in pre-k at Woodway Elementary in Fort Worth. His parents were going to temporarily take him out of school until they could get back on their feet. Zion’s teacher Jana McElwrath heard the news and it broke her heart.

McElwrath recounts, “As a teacher, I sunk because I love these students like they’re my own. So it broke me I was going to lose one of my babies.” She started a GoFundMe for the family to see if any donations would come in to afford the family a vehicle.

Shaina Clayton, a fourth-grade teacher at Woodway shared, “When she posted it, I was thinking about donating to the GoFundMe account. I kind of was like, ‘We have this car we don’t drive.’ I contacted my mom and she said, ‘Yes, I would be more than willing and happy to give it to that family that needs it.’”

The Brister family received a new car from the generous teachers at Woodway. Clayton adds, “Teachers have amazing hearts, and that’s what we’re here to do. We’re here to help the students in any way, not just academics and the social, outside of the classroom.”

Mr. Brister shares, “Trust God. When it gets hard and you want to give up, you’re down on your luck and you don’t have enough money and your faith is little, just have that faith and that mustard seed to keep pushing.” This gift of generosity blessed this family’s Christmas and is helping them get a fresh new start.