‘Forever Now’: Michael Bublé’s New Song About a Parent’s Love Is Going Viral


Michael Buble shares about overcoming as a family and his tender love for fatherhood in new song that is touching hearts everywhere.


Michael Buble’s song Forever Now shares a heartfelt message about the heart of parenting. Buble and his wife Luisana, went through the unimaginable in 2016 when their son Noah was diagnosed with cancer. Noah had liver cancer, and Buble stopped everything to be by his side. Putting his career on hiatus.

Noah made a full recovery and is now cancer-free! We can’t help but think these lyrics are inspired by the brave journey this family had to walk through. The song captures how a parent’s love lasts forever.

That I’m always gonna lift you up
And I’m never gonna let you down
No matter what you do
I’m forever proud of you
I’ll love you forever now

Michael shares about the song and about being a dad with EW, “It’s too much fun, I laugh all the time, it’s the best thing that ever happened. I’ve never written a more succinct song talking about what many of us feel we’re brought to this earth to do. It was about time and sentimentality.”

I tuck you in at night
Another day has passed
Every week goes by a little faster than the last
It wasn’t so long ago
We walked together and you held my hand
And now you’re getting too big to want to
But I hope you’ll always understand

“The most beautiful thing about music is people interpreting it, and it making their lives better,” Buble reflects on music now that he’s back. “One of the things I missed most was having that connection.” We love the authenticity and emotional value underneath the lyrics of this precious song.