Fetus Discarded on Brooklyn Street Gets Proper Funeral, Burial, NYPD Act as Pallbearers


A 20-week-old female fetus that was found discarded on a Brooklyn street has been given the name Monica and received a proper funeral and burial this weekend with the NYPD honoring her life.

In February, the abandoned fetus of a 20-week-old baby girl was discovered under a tree in Brooklyn, NY near the Nathaniel Greene School in East New York. Baby Monica, as she has since been named, was inside a bag surrounded by bloody clothing. According to MSN News, “The city Medical Examiner estimated that the fetus was about 20-weeks old and would not have been viable outside the womb without immediate medical attention.”

While the cause of death has not been disclosed, it has been speculated that the birth-mother miscarried and abandoned the baby instead of alerting her community or authorities.

“The Life Center of New York heard about the tragedy and became determined to provide a funeral for the fetus, which they named [Baby Monica]. The group received the remains from the medical examiner’s office about a week ago after all the necessary tests were performed,” MSN News reports.

Baby Monica’s funeral and burial were held this past Saturday, with the NYPD acting as pallbearers and providing bagpipers. According to News 12 Brooklyn, Baby Monica was “buried at Resurrection Cemetery in Staten Island where they have a guardian angel section—an area set aside for babies have been abandoned and passed away.”