Navigating Fertility Issues? FertilityIQ Offers Incredibly Practical and Scientifically Sound Resources


Fertility issues are deeply vulnerable. You need a resource that is grounded and sensitive, but that does not worsen your anxieties.


Fertility is a deeply vulnerable topic and if you have struggled with infertility, you know how confusing the world of fertility can be. You feel emotionally vulnerable, fertility solutions can be shockingly expensive, treatments often need to be done more than once and research findings are often confusing and conflicting.

Additionally, when you feel vulnerable, you may waste money on pseudo-science “treatments” or spiral into the discouraging world of paranoia-inducing online forums.

If you are facing fertility issues, the most helpful and scientifically sound resource we’ve discovered is the FertilityIQ website. This stunning site was founded by Deborah and Jake Anderson-Bialis after they faced their own fertility issues. They eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but it took them $70,000 and ample heartbreak to get there. They explain that “four years ago, we began looking for the best fertility doctor for us. We traveled to multiple clinics, in multiple states, and along the way learned a lot of hard lessons. We’ve realized that finding the right fertility doctor is an incredibly personal choice, and that the earlier you find the right doctor, the more bearable this whole process becomes.” 

When you feel vulnerable, you may waste money on pseudo-science “treatments” or spiral into the discouraging world of paranoia-inducing online forums

FertilityIQ is a visual delight, beautifully designed and easy to navigate. It’s honest, helpful, non-judgmental and frequently updated. Here’s what we most love about FertilityIQ:

Robust Educational Resources

FertilityIQ features remarkable free online courses to educate you on the science behind fertility treatments. Videos are hosted by co-founders Deborah and Jake as they break down complex scientific concepts into understandable nuggets. World-renowned doctors and experts also explain concepts in the videos, which reference up-to-date scientific findings. As you navigate topics like IVF, Endometriosis, egg freezing, male-factor infertility, IUI and more, these courses will prove shockingly educational and grounded. Here’s a clip from one of their most popular courses:

Insightful Doctor Reviews

How do you find the right doctor to support your fertility journey? Is there one who specializes in your medical issues? Which clinics have the best success rate? What about the most reasonable prices?

Think of FertilityIQ as the “Yelp of fertility clinics.” Explore thousands of clinics and doctors across America to find the best one for you. FertilityIQ works to ensure accuracy behind patient reviews, so you can trust these more than a Yelp restaurant review from a disgruntled customer. Clinics are evaluated across multiple metrics like live-birth success rates, doctor’s bedside manner, communication and billing practices.

Individual reviews will specify the patient’s unique treatments and diagnoses, so you can find patient experiences that mirror your own medical history.

Have you personally gone through fertility treatment? “Pay it forward” and submit an anonymous review of your experience to this site so future patients can be guided in their decision-making process.

Scientific Answers to Your Biggest Fertility Questions

As you embark on fertility treatments, you will likely become obsessed with understanding the scientific specifics. Does acupuncture make a difference? Do I need to adjust my diet? What are the chances I’ll get pregnant with twins? How do I interpret my test results? What exactly are the medications I’ll be prescribed?

Explore articles (which are frequently added), videos and infographics. FertilityIQ is especially good at visualizing scientific information into easy-to-understand images, so be sure to follow their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for a regular feed of science-based inspiration.  

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Want to learn from one of our early IVF mistakes? One of our team members shared this story- . My first IVF cycle, my nurse handed me a list of medications I needed and told me she would send in a prescription to their preferred pharmacy who "has the best prices." I was totally on-board with using that pharmacy until I saw the price sheet! 🤯💸😱 but I figured that since the nurse told me they were the best prices- they must be the best. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I ordered the meds and unknowingly spent hundreds of dollars more than I needed to. . My next cycle, I decided to do some research on my own- Turns out comparing pharmacy prices on infertility meds can save you a ton of money! Now I never order meds before getting a quote from at least 3 pharmacies to compare. . Nurses aren’t always up to date on pharmacy prices, so don't be afraid to ask for a copy of your prescription that you can send to multiple pharmacies for price quotes and be sure to ask about coupons or rebates too! (I’ve saved a lot of money with those!) Some pharmacies will even price match if you find a lower price elsewhere! (Even if the pharmacy is out of town!) Infertility is expensive, so if there is a chance to save money, take it! #hindsightistwentytwenty #learnfrommymistakes . . #ttccommunity #ivf #infertilitysucks #ttc #ttcsisters #ivfjourney #ivfmeds #infertilitysupport #iui #infertilitywarrior

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Practical Financial Help

One heartbreaking barrier that people face in their attempt to build their family is related to costs. Take IVF for example: with each cycle costing around $22,000 and each patient averaging two cycles, the average cumulative IVF cost per patient is in the $40,000-$60,000 range. This number is often paralyzing.

FertilityIQ is incredibly sensitive to your financial needs and frequently offers grants to help fund fertility treatments. They also offer resources to help you navigate these financial issues by publishing lists of employers who offer fertility benefits, financing options, lists of IVF grants and more.

An Understanding of Your Emotional Experiences

While there is much to rejoice over when you hear about someone building their family despite fertility issues, it can be acutely painful to hear success stories when you are personally still feeling grief over your own journey.

FertilityIQ is a passion project run by a team who have gone through experiences similar to yours. They share encouraging stories, but always sensitively highlight the pain that came before the joy. Regardless of where you are at in your fertility journey, you’ll discover ample support for exactly that step in the process.

Offering remarkably helpful support, FertilityIQ will help guide you through your journey to build your family, while also keeping you away from toxic messaging that may be deeply harmful during this challenging season.