Feeling Weary and Tired? Hold Tight to This One Thing


For all Christians who carry a heavy burden and are feeling weary and tired, this letter is for you.


Feeling weary and tired as you look to the journey ahead of you?

I am not writing this as a reprimand or accusation. Far too much has already been done in that regard. No, consider this a battle cry—a stirring manifesto—that your heart has already assented to, but would sometimes rather forget. I know the burdens that you bear. I know the struggles that you face. They are often heavy and slow, sometimes placed by your own doing and sometimes not.

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You are on a journey to perfection, a destination that you probably recognize is impossible to reach. Sometimes in pondering this, you wonder if the expedition is too much to suffer. Other times you seem to forget the whole venture. It is, after all, quite a bit easier to find a nice stopping point, a niche, for you to make a home (so long as it is a bit further along than most others have come). This is certainly a good, even admirable, spot for you to be. But, my friend, it is not for this place that you first began.

Do you remember the passion that stirred in your heart when you originally set out? You saw and believed that the destination was real and so you started on a favored journey that very few have desired to begin.

You saw that Jesus was the destination—the beautiful life for which we were truly created.

You took the first brave steps on the path with Him, and for Him. It is for this that I tell you to keep going. It does not matter how far along, or how far behind you are. The road is full of impostors, but they are not always the ones in the rear… they are the ones standing still. Do not be enticed by their false ends. Do not be discouraged if you face a setback or are forced to retrace ground from time to time. All who follow this path encounter such things. After all, the road becomes narrower—yet more beautiful—the further you go. It is a challenge, make no mistake. But what sort of individual backs away from a challenge? And what greater challenge is there than holiness?

LightWorkers Feeling Weary and Tired? Hold Tight to This One Thing.

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Holiness is the road you are traveling; if you’re feeling weary in this process, turn to Christ.

Young Christian, this world continues to tell you who and how you should be. But who is the world, and how is it? The world is broken. It does not take long to figure this out, just look at yourself. But you have been given another way through Christ— a journey—that is worth pursuing with all your might. Holiness is not easy or popular. True holiness seldom receives attention (because who can know your thoughts?). But friend, continue to strive for more and more.

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Find heart and be courageous when you’re feeling weary. Continue on the journey that you began. It is a road in need of leaders and guides, people who will help others along the way. Desire this task. It is a noble, although often lonely, one. Keep moving. Keep striving to be Christ-like. Keep pursuing the destination: the end. And one day, although you will never achieve it, you will, in fact, receive it.

Journey on, young Christian.


If you feel as though you are not old enough or qualified enough to be used by God, your feelings are untrue. God uses people of any age to make a difference.