FedEx Driver Patriotically Stops Everything to Properly Fold Fallen American Flag


A FedEx driver was caught on a porch camera picking up and properly folding a fallen American flag that had fallen to the ground. Such an inspiring moment!


Rick Guerino Jr. caught something so special on his porch camera one morning. After reviewing the footage he found that the American flag on his porch had fallen in his front yard. A FedEx driver picked the flag up and proceeded to fold it nicely and place it back on the porch.

Guerino told News 12 New Jersey, “I didn’t know what he was doing at first when he was waving it out and everything. I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ I see him bend down and pick up the flag. I didn’t even realize my flag pole was even down.” Guerino was shocked by the gesture, “He really respected the flag and you don’t see that too often.”

FedEx driver picks up American Flag from ground

This FedEx driver picked up this American Flag that hit the ground in Rick Guerino Jr's yard.

Posted by Newschannel 3, CBS News, WWMT, West Michigan on Sunday, February 9, 2020

FedEx as a company has not identified the flag folding employee as of yet, but they released a statement. “FedEx Ground is proud of the many contributions our team members make to our communities every day. We commend the actions of this service provider employee who went above and beyond by carefully and respectfully securing the flag on the homeowner’s behalf.”

Facebook commenters like David Marks are inspired by the care this man took in folding, “[I] applaud that man for folding the flag as properly as he could. As an Eagle Scout, I’ve had to fold countless flags and even with one other person it was tricky.” Debora Skjordal Tait celebrated him and said, “He even filed how awesome is that. Great job driver. You deserve lots of praise and raise.” What a beautiful act of patriotism by this young man.