Our Favorite Christian YouTube Families


Looking for uplifting YouTube channels that help support Christian family values? Check out these inspiring YouTubers who keep faith at the center of their family.


With every passing day, more and more people are ditching their cable subscriptions and instead, spending time watching YouTube content. YouTube is the second most frequented search engine behind Google (who happens to own YouTube). It is also the third most visited website in the world (behind Google and Facebook).

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One appeal of YouTube is that it promises niche content for any viewer, regardless of their interests. Uplifting Christian programming may not be easy to find on network television, but in the vlogging world, there is no shortage of families who are guided by their faith. These videos appeal to all ages in a particularly authentic way. These families feel like ours…. Just with better film editing skills. Here’s a run-down of our favorite Christian family vloggers to be sure to subscribe to:

Daily Bumps

Daily Bumps is one of the most popular YouTube channels out there with 4.2 million subscribers. The channel features the Lanning family: parents Bryan and Missy and their two young boys, Ollie and Finn.

People are very drawn to Bryan and Missy’s authenticity, especially those who may be seeking solidary through fertility struggles. The Lanning’s openness about miscarriage and stillbirth is very touching. Speaking to People Magazine, Missy shared, “I thought I might never be a mom, but my pain gave me a purpose to keep sharing my story. I wanted other women to know they aren’t alone.” Thankfully after years of struggling, the couple went on to have two healthy boys. They speak regularly about their faith, fertility, pregnancy and music… plus their channel always features zany family antics!

The Johnson Fam

When you start watching Christian family vloggers, you begin to realize that these families are very interconnected with each other. The Johnson Fam of four (parents Jeff and Natalia and daughters Peyton and Olivia), happen to be blood relatives to the stars of Daily Bumps–Jeff Johnson is Missy Lanning’s cousin.

These families feel like ours, just with better film editing skills.

With 1 million subscribers, The Johnson Fam welcomes us into their effortless SoCal lifestyle. Jeff and Natalia warm your heart as adorable high-school sweethearts turned lifelong marriage partners. Jeff is also a gifted musician and often leads worship at his church. Be sure to also follow Natalia and Jeff on Instagram, they regularly speak openly about their faith on these social media outlets.

The Slyfox Family

Continuing our tour of Southern California Christian family vloggers (who are all somehow interconnected), we reach The Slyfox Family. Parents Hannah and Andrew and kids Jaedyn and Caspian are dear friends with The Johnson Fam. In fact, Hannah Slyfox and Natalia Johnson were longtime best friends before ever embarking on their respective YouTube vlogging journeys.

The Slyfox Family does everything with an extra bit of pizazz. Hannah and Andrew’s whirlwind romance will warm any heart–They fell in love at first sight, were engaged within five days and married just a few more days later! This family is also incredibly fashion-forward. Hannah even runs her own apparel company, Slyfox Threads, which partners with non-profit organizations to support moms in need.

We’re obsessed with a recent collaboration video series with The Johnson Fam staring young Jaedyn Slyfox as Justin Bieber and adorable Peyton Johnson as Hailey Baldwin. It’s hilarious and adorable. Check it out!

Cullen & Katie

Moving out of California and over to Alabama we also love the family channel Cullen & Katie. Like Daily Bumps, this is another channel that sensitively discusses the topic of fertility and offers a glimpse of hope to those who experience miscarriages. After two heartbreaking losses, parents Cullen and Katie bravely announced their pregnancy with daughter Macey Gaines in 2014. Then, more blessings came to this family with the birth of their son Brooks Walker two years later.

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This family remains fiercely authentic and very down to earth, which is probably the secret to their success. In an interview with CBS Katie explained that “opening up and being ourselves made people feel like we were not putting on a show.”