7 Faith-Based Apps You Should Download Today


We all have the Youversion Bible app, but there are countless other terrific apps that can help give you easy and accessible tools to sharpen your faith every day.

One of the greatest benefits of the advancement of smartphone technology is the millions of apps refined over time to grant us conveniences that have never previously existed. We often don’t recognize how faith-based apps, in particular, have too advanced in the years. You’re likely one of the 370 million download recipients of the YouVersion Bible app (Apple | Android). It’s an incredible app that carries endless versions and language translations of the Bible in our back pockets.

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However, many don’t take the time to explore the countless other terrific apps that offer easy and accessible tools to sharpen your faith every day. There are tons of incredible apps to take advantage of and are worthy of exploring. The more the merrier!

7 Faith-Based Apps You Should Download Today

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Here are 7 fantastic Christian apps you should download today!

1. Press Bible

Founded by a pastor, Press App provides a beautiful video and audio experience of the Bible. From its compelling designs for each Bible, soothing narration it’s an aesthetic haven for young people. Not only that, the scriptures companion video of various pastors answering common questions or further explicating key passages. In its latest iteration, it’s used to connect people to local churches. It’s a great resource for a new experience of the word.

Press Bible |  Apple | Android

2. She Reads Truth + He Reads Truth

She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth is a devotional designed to encourage communities of men and women to read God’s Word together every day. Their widespread ministry curates daily reading plans and online conversation led by a community of trusted writers. Each layout experience is tailored to a male and female audience. She Reads contains an elegant, feminine style while He Reads Truth touts a more masculine look and feel. Each app contains the same helpful tools from multiple-translation Bibles, free Bible reading plans, the ability to take extensive notes, highlight verses and share.

She Reads Truth | Apple | Android OR He Reads Truth | Apple | Android

3. Youversion Bible Lens

You’re likely familiar with Youversion, the most downloaded Bible app in existence. However, this unique and handy companion app is surely one you’ll find great use for. It allows you to transform your personal photos into beautiful, Bible-verse images you can post and share. The best part is once you select a photo the app detects the object of the photo and the themes relevant to the captured moment and recommends Bible verses that fit. Whether you want to call it prophetic, convenient or both—this app is a remarkable way to continue engaging with and sharing the word through design.

Youversion Bible Lens | Apple | Android

4. PrayerMate

Have you ever had trouble remembering all the prayer requests floating in your head and heart? This helpful app allows you to track prayer requests. It also gives you access to set reminders, and notifications for you to pray for specific things throughout your day. You can store your prayer requests and it also offers recommended prayer requests and missions organizations to pray for if you’re looking for subjects to pray for. It’s an active prayer journal like you’ve never seen before.

PrayerMate | Apple | Android

5. Jesus Calling

Many of us are familiar and fond of the wildly popular Jesus Calling Devotional book. The app allows you to carry the daily reading in your pocket. You can take notes, share pages, listen to audio reading and bookmark your favorites. You can also stock up various Jesus Calling editions all on the same app, if you love the book you’ll love the app even more.

Jesus Calling | Apple | Android

6. The Bible App for Kids

Whether you have kids of your own, or beloved young nieces, nephews and cousins—this app is an excellent tool to teach kids about the word. Its kid-friendly format is easy for them to navigate themselves. Peppered throughout are fun facts, activities and memory verse challenges in which they can earn rewards for completing. It’s a must-have for anyone with a child in their life.

The Bible App for Kids | Apple | Android

7. Verses—Bible Memory

It’s time to put those brain game skills to good use! The Verses – Bible Memory app offers a variety of memorization games designed to help you absorb, memorize and recall Bible verses and passages. You can track your progress over time to stay encouraged to keep retaining and sharpening your skills. It’s a great tool to use in Bible studies, among friends or for individual growth.

Verses – Bible Memory | Apple | Android